Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Trade Playground Insults

Before the first shot across the bow could be made, the game was up. Passengers co-stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence tried desperately to keep a straight face as they sat down for a BBC Radio segment titled 'Playground Insults.' Staring down each other as the hosts of the program commentated on the action from behind the glass, the barbs were flying.

Despite saying “I can’t think of anything bad about you,” to Lawrence, Pratt found a few faults in the blonde actress. “How does it feel being in the stupidest Marvel movie?” he quizzed, before simply asking, "Why do they call it Joy?" As The Hunger Games star was laughing even as host Scott Mills read out the rules to explain that any laughter would forfeit a victory to their opponent, the 26-year old tried to give it a shot.

“’I really loved you in Everwood,’ said no one ever,” remarked Lawrence, then left the biggest blow of all: “Where do you keep your Oscar?” This left Pratt to attempt a shocking comeback that was as funny as it was terrible: “You were given an Oscar for Best Actress. You would also get one for being the worst.”

Backlash To Passengers Flick Comes Via A "Creepy" Twist

Whilst the trailer to their science fiction movie that the pair were plugging on English radio looks like one type of feature, those that have seen it to report otherwise. The filmmakers projected it as "Titanic in space," yet the actual plot where a space traveler wakes up Lawrence 90 years before he is supposed to as 5000 other passengers sleep through the journey, his character essentially dooms his female companion to death.

Jackson McHenry from Vulture argues the case. "Despite what the film's marketing implies," starts the reviewer, "Passengers is really more of a horror movie, especially if you view it from Aurora's (Lawrence) perspective: her character never asked to take part in the space rom-com that Jim (Pratt) has devised for her, and compounding matters, she doesn't know he woke her up on purpose."

Love Story Drew The Pair In For Production


Although the script had been in circulation for a number of years prior to it coming to fruition, the stars bought into the concept from the get-go. Talking about her character, Lawrence could see the attraction of playing someone venturing far and wide on a quest.

“She is making a decision to pick up everything and leave everyone she’s ever known and loved just for a story, just for an insatiable desire and ambition,” explained Lawrence, while Pratt outlined, "It was an awesome opportunity to be part of an amazing story to make a movie unlike anything I’ve ever done before."

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