Chris Evans Considering Captain America Return Post Avengers 4

A matter of weeks after Esquire argued that Chris Evans was officially done with Captain America, there has been a twist in the tale of this ongoing saga. The publication earlier this month enjoyed a long chat with the 35-year old from Boston to outline that the physical and mental toll of preparing for these big budget extravaganza's were too much to bare.

"Settling in on the couch, he groans," they wrote. "Evans explains that he's hurting all over because he just started his workout routine the day before to get in shape for the next two Captain America films. The movies will be shot back to back beginning in April. After that, no more red- white-and-blue costume for the thirty-five-year-old. He will have fulfilled his contract."

Speaking with Collider ahead of his upcoming drama Gifted that opens on April 21, the actor now wants to keep his options open.

Logan an Inspiration For Steve Rogers

Marvel Wolverine Captain America

Should Evans sign a contract extension to stay in the role after 2019, the studio might want to offer a debt of gratitude to Hugh Jackman. Logan's achievement of mixing commercial success with critical acclaim has breathed new life into Marvel as Evans told the website that a large part of him still identifies with Steve Rogers.

“It’s really not up to me. My contract is up," be says bluntly. "I’m not going to sit here and say, 'No more.' I think Hugh Jackman has made 47 Wolverine movies, and they somehow keep getting better. It’s a character I love, and it’s a factory that really knows what they’re doing. The system is sound, over there. They make great movies. If they weren’t kicking out quality, I’d have a different opinion. But, everything Marvel does seems to be cinema gold. And like I said, I love the character. The only reason it would end is ‘cause my contract is up. After Avengers 4, my contract is done. Talk to Marvel. If we engage further, I’d be open to it. I love the character. It’s almost like high school. You certainly always look to senior year, and then, all of a sudden, senior year happens and you’re like, 'I don’t know if I’m ready to go.' It’s tough thinking about not playing the guy.”

Black Panther Hits The Road In Action Sequence

While Evans might be winding down his time with the shield, his title Captain America: Civil War helped to spawn a new member of the franchise courtesy of Black Panther. That standalone production is currently shooting in Gwangalli Beach, South Korea as fans were able to get up close and personal with Chadwick Boseman's character as he straddles a blue sports car.

Hitting cinemas as of February 16, 2018, the Ryan Coogler picture stars the likes of Lupita Nyong'o, Michael B. Jordan, Danai Gurira and Winston Duke. If this snippet is any indication, the audience should strap in.

Source: Collider, Games Radar