Captain America’s Chris Evans In Slanging Match With Ex-KKK Leader

Speaking of Civil War, 35-year old Chris Evans has taken Jeff Sessions to task following the controversial politician's less than flattering public record on race relations. The Captain America star made his point on Twitter before white nationalist David Duke took the bait to defend his rise to the position of Attorney General this week.

Duke, a former leader of the Klu Klux Klan, responded to Evans who tweeted: "If David Duke....DAVID!...DUKE!... thinks you're right, then you are unequivocally wrong. The confirmation of @jeffsessions is beyond words."

Duke then responded in kind: 

"Typical dumb actor - if everything I say is wrong, then when I say I oppose these Zionists wars, you must be for them, Captain America!?"

Evans The Patriot In His Right To Speak Out

Chris Evans Captain America: Winter Soldier

Melissa Groben came out in defense of Evans, arguing that the actor is well within his rights to voice his opinion. Despite his standing as the face of a major brand. Groben, the daughter of Captain America co-creator Joe Simon, stated that the public should be able to decipher between the man and the character.

"He really did a great job as Captain America. But we have to separate fiction from reality," said Groben. "He is not speaking as Captain America. He is speaking as Chris Evans. And that's the way it should be. His viewpoints are his own."

This is not the first time a franchise star from the MCU has delved into the murky world of politics, with Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle fronting a pro-Hillary Clinton advert prior to the 2016 election. Evans replied to Duke, highlighting a long list of antisemitic comments made by the former KKK leader.

@DrDavidDuke well if these nuggets of bigotry are some of your OTHER thoughts, then I stand by my original tweet," remarked Evans. "We can't let hatred be the loudest voice."

Marvel Expanding Their Universe on the Small Screen

Legion FX

With the release of Legion came out to much fanfare as an X-Men spinoff, two other series are in the works from the superhero brand. ABC are adapting Inhumans as they shoot the production in Hawaii prior to a September 26, 2017 debut.

That particular project is said to have a working title of Project Next, while Louisiana is the setting for Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger program. It will follow the love story of two teenagers Tyrone “Ty” Johnson and Tandy Bowen who try and adapt to their new powers together.

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