Bruce Willis Back For Die Hard Movie That’s Part Sequel… Part Prequel

When Roderick Thorp penned his novel Nothing Lasts Forever, he could never have known what lay ahead. That book would act as the inspiration for a 1988 action feature titled Die Hard, showcasing a young Bruce Willis who was fresh off the set of the television series Moonlighting.

Fast forward 4 more blockbusters later and with a franchise seemingly at a loose end, it appears as though Die Hard 6 is gearing up to try something very new. As filmmaker Len Wiseman spoke with Deadline about his plans to reimagine the horror property Underworld for the small screen, it was his update about Willis, McClane and Die Hard that drew the most attention.

Old McClane and Young McClane as Die Hard Goes 70s Retro

Die Hard Original Poster

Having been a director on the 2007 installment Live Free or Die Hard, a sequel that appeared stronger post the failure of the subsequent effort A Good Day to Die Hard, Wiseman admitted that the part of McClane will be split into two. Wiseman will return to the director's chair as Deadline gave a rundown of the split roles.

"The plot has been under wraps, but is described as a prequel/sequel that will involve John McClane in both present day and 1970’s New York," they wrote. "Bruce Willis will be returning to play the iconic character, as casting now begins for the actor who will portray McClane when he was a NYC beat cop."

Wiseman understands the pressure that will revolve around the younger McClane, with Australian Jai Courtney struggling to overcome Willis' star power in the 2013 edition.

"The right casting for this role is crucial," remarked Wiseman. "Those bare feet have some very big shoes to fill."

TV's Underworld To Venture Into Adult Territory, Less Supernatural


The property that Wiseman has had his hands in from day one is the comic book adaptation domain of Underworld. Directing the 2003 original, the 2006 sequel and producing the sequels Underworld: Awakening and Underworld: Blood Wars, the next step is a television series.

Wiseman's production company Sketch Films will helm the show as the filmmaker operates as an executive producer behind the scenes. There is no word yet on which cast members could be recurring or information about the timeline or plot, but Wiseman admitted this project will be something unique.

"The series will be a pretty big departure from the films," Wiseman said. "I don’t want to say it’s more adult, but it’s definitely less comic book in its tone and character."

Source: Deadline