Box Office News: Boss Baby Takes Shock Share From Ghost in the Shell

20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation are the big winners from the box office battle this weekend. Seeing their new title Boss Baby reign supreme at number one in theaters across the United States. The Tom McGrath picture starring Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Buscemi, Lisa Kudrow and Tobey McGuire opened to a more than healthy $49m nationwide as comScore released their latest figures.

Disney's live-action reboot of Beauty and the Beast continued a strong third week as they were only edged out by DreamWorks by a modest $1.5m to finish on $47.5m as it goes towards their total of $395.5m. Having strong figures domestically has proven to be just a feather in the cap of Disney as they enjoy a global revenue of $876.2m for the Dan Stevens and Emma Watson musical.

Ghost A Shell Of Their Former Expectations As ScarJo Flatters To Deceive

Ghost in the Shell Fight Scene

The reservations held by critics were clearly warranted as Paramount are left to ponder how their new science-fiction blockbuster Ghost in the Shell managed to open to a poor $19m this weekend. The whitewashing scandal must of had an impact as fans of the Japanese manga were left puzzled and disappointed that the studio would opt for an established white actress like Scarlett Johansson over a performer with Asian origin.

With a budget of $110m, Paramount will be hoping that the international market can help to alleviate the losses suffered in the United States. Opening in Japan and China this coming Friday, director Rupert Sanders won't want to be falling behind Johansson's other solo science-fiction venture Lucy which took home $43.9m domestically from it's opening weekend back in 2014.

1. The Boss Baby $49m $49m 3,773 1
2. Beauty and the Beast  $47.5m $395.5m 4,210 3
3. Ghost in the Shell $19m $19m 3,440 1
4. Power Rangers $14.5m $65.1m 3,693 2
5. Kong: Skull Island $8.8m $147.8m 3,141 4
6. Logan $6.2m $211.9m 2,323 5
7. Get Out $5.8m $156.9m 1,844 6
8. Life  $5.6m $22.4m 3,146 2
9. CHIPS $4.1m $14.4m 2,464 2
10. The Zookeeper's Wife $3.3m $3.3m 541 1

Second Week Blues For The Also-Rans

Chips 2017

While the likes of Logan, Power Rangers and Kong: Skull Island prove to have box office currency beyond their opening week, the same cannot be said for two other titles that are still relatively fresh. The Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal space thriller Life languished with a poor taking of $5.6m as the buddy comedy remake CHiPs fared even worse at $4.1m.

The Jordan Peele horror installment Get Out continues it's amazing performance to recoup an additional $5.8m, bringing the sleeper movie to an amazing $156.6m domestic total. To round out the top 10 was the Jessica Chastain picture The Zookeeper's Wife and while the numbers are modest, the studio is said to be happy with a movie that catered to a niche market to begin with.

Source: THR