The Boondock Saints: Origins TV Series Officially In Production

It has been 8 long years since we last saw the gun-wielding duo of Connor and Murphy MacManus on the streets of Boston. Franchise Pictures introduced the world to the pair in the 1999 cult hit The Boondock Saints, a movie that would transition from one of the biggest flops in modern times to a beloved classic that fans have quoted ad nauseam.

Only bringing in a poultry figure of $30,471 from a $6m budget, subsequent VHS and DVD sales brought about a new wave of popularity. That paved the way for The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day with Troy Duffy returning to director Sean Patrick Flanery and The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. Noted for utilizing high profile cameos in the form of Billy Connolly and Peter Fonda, the assassins are now set for a television spinoff called The Boondock Saints: Origins.

Duffy Wants TV Platform To Tell Boston Prequel Story

Boondock Saints II All Saints Day

Director Duffy has discussed a third chapter of the characters for many years and back in 2011 he explained that the small screen is the best place to portray those events.

“A television series is the perfect medium for storytelling inside the world of our beloved blue-collar superheroes," he said. "The brothers have always been defenders of the people, justice, fairness and the city of Boston. In this sensitive time of human rights unrest, government scandal and civil corruption, there couldn’t be a better moment to re-launch the brothers iconic brand of justice in the Cradle of Democracy.”

While an official network is yet to pick up the show, there should be many suitors for the show as they build off a couple of titles that have been elevated to cult status.

From The Boondocks To Your Doorstep For First Customers

David Della Rocco just so happened to play an offsider to the MacManus brothers for both movies, aptly named Rocco. Fronting an online video for a preorder promotion that expires on June 25, 2017, Rocco explained what diehard fans could get hold of if they act quick.

"Boondock Saints is back baby!" he proclaimed. "This time it's an awesome tv series. You can own the pilot episode and first series before it airs on any tv network or streaming stuff. But you only have two months to do it and there is only 5000 available at this price... This box will come straight to your door and then every month for 10 months all sorts of limited edition Boondock Saints: Origins s*** will show up at your door."

This will be the one and only time The Boondock Saints on your doorstep will be a good thing!

Source: Horror Geek Life