Boba Fett Spinoff Stalls As Lucasfilm Depart Traditional Chronology

Competing with the giants of Marvel and DC is not easy. But Lucasfilm and Disney know they have a saleable asset on their hands with the Star Wars franchise. And they are ready to squeeze it for all it is worth. The studios are discussing where to take the series for future installments, as they push away from the traditional chronology that started back in the 70s with Episode IV: A New Hope.

Now that spinoffs are not only a niche part of expanding a universe but a genuine method of expanding the pie, the penny has dropped quite literally for them not to follow the original story. Especially when they can veer off with other characters. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy credited none other than George Lucas for the concept of the anthology.

Studio Spit-Balling For The Franchise

Star Wars The Force Awakens Troopers

Beginning the process of a stand alone Han Solo spinoff film that will explore his origin story, Kennedy gave an insight into the talks she had with the creator and what he was thinking about over the horizon.

“George talked to me about doing this when I first came aboard," she explained. "He had often thought about doing it and he had actually written down three or four thoughts and ideas, directions you could go. Obviously inside the mythology there were lots of opportunities. So that was the first conversation I had… We talked a lot about the Jedi and the foundational ideas that George had thought about when he created the mythology. It was sort of spit-balling ideas.”

Boba In Lockdown As Studio Fett's Over Prospects

Star Wars Boba Fett

The 2015 release of The Force Awakens was also supposed to have been the moment to give birth to a Boba Fett spinoff. It was specifically supposed to take place during Star Wars Celebration, via a "teaser reel" for the crowd to enjoy. But the project is said to be on the backburner since Josh Trank walked away citing "personal reasons."

An unnamed writer is believed to be staying on behind the scenes, as the concept has not been scrapped completely. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are now charged with beginning the very first spinoff of it's kind in the Star Wars world with the Han Solo picture.

Source: Collider, EW, Cinema Blend