Best Trailers for October Releases

October is not just the month for  the thrills and shrieks of horror films, and this October proves that with helpings from every genre. Based on the trailers for this month's releases, audiences will not be disappointed by what will be popping up in the multiplexes. Here are the most intriguing trailers for films hitting theaters this October.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (October 21st)

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Tom Cruise returns for more bad ass action sequences and fight moves in the sequel, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. This time Cobie Smulders needs help of Jack. All while the title character claims his innocence after being accused murder. Every time Cruise is mentioned in the media, he always comes off as a bit crazy. It makes for great clickbating. But then he makes another movie and we are reminded of what a megawatt movie star he is and always will be. The first few moments of the trailer deliver that Cruise calm before the storm. And the rest of the trailer builds from there.

Jack Goes Home (October 14th)

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For an alternative to the horror sequels such as Rings and Ouija: Origin of Evil, Jack Goes Home looks like a terrifying and bizarre flick. Rory Culkin stars as a guy who returns home after the death of his father, only to uncover some crazy stuff from his past. Once he goes snooping around in his old creepy childhood home, the terror truly begins. The trailer for Jack Goes Home is great because it doesn’t explain what is actually going on with Jack. Is it a haunting? Is it purely psychological? The secrets of his family’s past are returning with a vengeance and it looks like a thrilling ride for audiences.

Certain Women (October 14th)

Certain Women (2016)

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Certain Women is the film to watch for a mellow evening. The film most likely will include extended quiet moments and an ambiguous ending. Plot, climax and the conclusion are not really what Certain Women bases itself on, as it is obviously more of a character study. When those characters are played by Michelle Williams, Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart, it should certainly be worth it. Filmmaker Kelly Reichardt previously helmed Meek’s Cutoff and Wendy and Lucy, both of which also starred Michelle Williams. These are quiet and emotional films which is exactly what Certain Women seems to be.

The Accountant (October 14th)

The Accountant Behind the Scenes

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Ben Affleck gets his chance to play the math genius this time, but there is so much more to it in The Accountant. The trailer pulsates with style and anticipation. We want to know what is going on with this man but at the same time, the look and feel of the trailer makes us wants the reveal to be a slow burn. Ben Affleck is a great actor and has such a likable presence. After having a rocky time in films in the early 2000s, he has rarely made a misstep in recent years. The Accountant also stars Anna Kendrick who is another force of acting chops and charm. Hopefully, the film will live up to its intense trailer.

Keeping up with the Joneses (October 21st)

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The premise for Keeping up with the Joneses feels like it has been done a million times before. The entire concept of the new neighbors in town who have a secret -- they are operatives -- feels all too familiar. That being said, the trailer looks like a lot of fun and with a cast that includes Jon Hamm, Gal Gadot, Isla Fisher and Zach Galifianakis, it is hard to complain.

In the Valley of Violence (October 21st)

In the Valley of Violence

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While The Magnificent Seven may be the most talked about western of 2016, In a Valley of Violence should not be ignored because it looks like a blast. Filmmaker Ti West gets credit for two of the best horror movies in the last decade, The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers. The director takes his taste for the macabre and turns it into a western about a drifter and his dog. Ethan Hawke, who is so good in everything, plays the drifter and he rocks it as usual. John Travolta is a perfect town Marshal. The entire trailer looks like a lot of fun and, while it includes the classic western elements, there is something much more interesting in its tone for those who are not fans of the typical western.

Mascots (October 13th)

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What appears to be the funniest movie released in October is going to be available on Netflix. The trailer for Mascots promises all of the wacky humor of previous Christopher Guest films. The comedy even includes Guest regulars from his previous films Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show. While Best in Show followed the lives of participants in a dog show and made the entire concept entirely ridiculous, Mascots seems to have taken that same humor and placed it among the titular profession. Hopefully, this will be the first of many partnerships with Guest and his crew with Netflix.

King Cobra (October 21st)

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The trailer for King Cobra looks bonkers in a way that could only be associated with a film featuring James Franco. It is the true story of a young man who becomes an internet porn sensation. And judging by the trailer, falls in with some dangerous people. Writer/director Justin Kelly is fairly new to film making with only a few credits to his name, so there are no guarantees with what viewers are going to get in terms of quality with King Cobra. The cast is a mix of old and new actors. Along with Pretty Little Liars’s Keegan Allen, Garrett Clayton, who coincidentally starred on the same network with The Fosters, plays the breakout porn star. Christian Slater, Molly Ringwald and Alicia Silverstone also appear lending a bit of nostalgia to the mix. King Cobra could go either way but the trailer definitely entertains.

The Girl on the Train (October 7th)

Haley Bennett in The Girl on the Train

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Just as the book The Girl on the Train was lauded as the next Gone Girl, the film may be receiving the same comparisons. Emily Blunt plays a distraught woman who may have killed a woman or simply witnessed the person who did killer her. The trailer pulsates with the same mystery and intrigue as the Gone Girl trailer. And the cast is just as appealing.

American Pastoral (October 28th)

American Pastoral

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The Pulitzer Prize winning novel American Pastoral by Philip Roth appears to have made a compelling film. Ewan Mcgregor and Jennifer Connelly are the parents of Dakota Fanning. The talented young actress who plays a rebellious teenager who disappears after committing a crime. The trailer uses little dialogue as it utilizes the song "Mad World", which was so memorably stunning in Donnie Darko, but has been covered by Jasmine Thompson.  American Pastoral has a trailer that shows audiences that The Girl on the Train is not the only exciting book adaptation to see this October.