Ben Affleck Talks About That Sad Affleck Interview and Newfound Batman Fame

While the parodies of Ben Affleck's double interview alongside Henry Cavill went viral following the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the penny dropped for the actor that every detail, no matter how small, can be taken out of context. Especially in the world of DC. Speaking with BBC Radio 1 promoting his latest work via Live by Night, the filmmaker outlined what he took on board being part of such a project.

"It taught me not to do interviews with Henry Cavill where I don't say anything and they can lay Simon & Garfunkel tracks, that's one thing I learned," laughed Affleck. "I learned a ton making that movie. I had not made a movie of that scale... The technology had really changed the way those movies were being made and it was fascinating. I learned a tremendous amount."

Was he allowed to take home any mementos as a personal gift?

"I did ask to keep the suit," he replied. "Not the one that I actually wore, but a replica of it.... They gave me the batarang (too), the real one!"

Box Office Results Indicates Sad Affleck 2.0

When a bold filmmaker like Affleck produces, directs and stars in a feature, there is really nowhere left to hide when it comes to the final product. Taking a mere $9.5m at the box office from a $65m budget, the Warner Brothers flick has flattered to deceive audiences and critics alike.

Other Affleck titles like Gone Baby Gone and Gigi also started off slow. But eventually finished much stronger to win over the doubters. Time will tell if Live by Night has the same sustaining power as the predecessors, illustrating how fickle and unpredictable the Hollywood business has become.

Ben Affleck Live by Night

Ben's Best Boston Accent

When sports columnist and all round Boston guy Bill Simmons argued that Matt Damon's accent in Good Will Hunting was his favorite take on the local language, Affleck was taken aback. Starring alongside his friend in the Academy Award winning picture, the Argo actor argued that was a poor choice.

So who does Ben think nails the Boston accent best? “Mine, in Good Will Hunting," joked the 44-year old. "Way better than Matt's. I can’t believe he singled out Matt Damon’s as better than mine. Did he see the movie? He’s older. He’s losing it.”

Source: Metro, The Boston Globe