The Batman Gets Rewrite as Gal Gadot Shares New Wonder Woman Pic

The Batman is a film so many people want to make work and to be a thriving success. Especially considering DC's history with Warner Bros. But the latest news coming out of DC has fans concerned. While Ben Affleck talked up his involvement behind the camera for months and even days prior to pulling out, he ultimately walked away from putting his signature on the franchise.

This was a setback that spoke to greater issues with management, studio and the star of the movie. Outlining how the 44-year old's hesitation cost the franchise dearly to put them and everyone else behind the eight ball on the project. According to Deadline, it will be Justice League writer Chris Terrio who will be taking out his red pen and giving the script a much needed makeover. A setback, sure. But sticking to the new trend following the continual false starts to the feature.

"Affleck, who most recently helmed Live by Night, wrote the script with Geoff Johns, and a rewrite was just turned in by Chris Terrio, the Oscar-winning scribe of the Affleck-directed Argo."

The Gadot Show Saves The Day

đź’› đź’› đź’› #wonderwoman @WonderWomanFilm

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Hitting up her personal Instagram page to show off the kit Wonder Woman will be sporting in the upcoming blockbuster spinoff, Gal Gadot's time in DC could be a lifesaver for a series that desperately needs some positive PR right now. Not only has The Batman hit a major speed bump on their journey, but The Flash is also in flux. How so? Where to start. But the script is needing serious help in the interim.

The gold suit from Gadot is something we've seen snippets of before courtesy of the teaser trailer as well as some images from EW, yet this stunning attire illustrates how radiant and cinematically eye-catching the actress is. This won't be just another movie in the DCEU, but the very first time Wonder Woman has had a live-action installment of her own and boy - don't we need it.

Speculation On Director's Vacancy Grows

James Wan Aquaman

Names are flying out left, right and center for a director to chair The Batman. From Aquaman's James Wan to Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Doug Liman, Gareth Edwards and a plethora of others. Leaving many disappointed with his decision to fulfill both roles. As he did with The Town. On the other hand, Affleck's departure is not the worst news for Kevin Lincoln from Vulture.

"The news that Affleck is stepping down from his role of directing the stand-alone superhero movie The Batman," starts the critic, "we might be seeing Affleck come to a realization: He can do all of those things at once, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he should.... Although it makes perfect sense that Affleck originally boarded The Batman as director — what other actor has gotten the opportunity to go full auteur in the notoriously focus-grouped superhero franchise? — it’s similarly logical that he would later decide to shift course, especially with what must’ve been the trying experience of Live by Night behind him. And regardless of who takes over, at least the bar isn’t currently very high."

Source: MovieWeb, Vulture