Bad Moms To Spawn Bad Dads Spinoff

It would be sad and somewhat shocking if only it wasn't so damn predictable. Variety is reporting that the surprise hit comedy flick of the 2016 summer Bad Moms is not only getting a spinoff, but it is throwing away the very premise that made it successful in the first place. All to make the program about, you guessed it: dads. Will these studios ever learn?

STX Entertainment are the ones responsible for this dubious decision, having seen the flick starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn bring in a huge return of $170.8m from their modest $20m budget. They are now cashing in their chips. This is a move said by STX intended to push the idea of extending the brand. Yeah, whatever that means.

Decision Misses The Point Entirely

Bad Moms

Executives are forgetting one key factor in the success of Bad Moms. I.e. the "Moms" part. Jon Lucas and Scott Moore went from The Hangover franchise to direct the trio of ladies behaving badly and managed to get the tone and message just right. Following on from the highly acclaimed 2011 romp Bridesmaids, it felt as though finally the females would get to cut loose and have some fun. But once again Hollywood has reverted to type.

Bad Dads has been described by STX Entertainment as a "first film offshoot" with a mooted release date of July 14, 2017. This weekend also happens to clash with the War of the Planet of the Apes. Up against such a blockbuster STX is showing how confident and even cocky they are about the prospects of people wanting to see men behaving badly. Because, you know, we haven't seen that done a million times over.

Lazy Cash Grab A Sign Of The Times

The Hangover Part III

Lucas and Moore in particular are two people who should understand when the life of a franchise is being squeezed to death of all its creativity simply to add to the dollars and make it all about financial gain. The Hangover series started strongly but, by the third installment, it lost all its bluster. And by taking away the female element in Bad Moms, the concern that STX seemingly can't see coming is that it will end up just being Bad.