My Awesome Star Wars Clone Theory… That Was Wrong

Long before the "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." started to crawl its way across theaters in 1999. Long before the release of the second Star Wars trilogy, kicked off with The Phantom Menace, I took my Star Wars fandom to create a theory. A theory I thought had to be true, as it was just too awesome to not be. Because, let's be honest, theories from fans using limited knowledge on what's next to come can turn out better than the finalized stories the same theory was attempting to predict. I like to think my own theory fits within this rule. In terms of Star Wars, my theory pointed to the Clone Wars. As in, when cloning, why not clone a Jedi?

Obi-Wan in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

This theory is obviously incorrect, but I still like to believe it possible.

Clone a Jedi, They Should

Before you go judging, remember that I had absolutely no knowledge of the new trilogy at the time of this theory. All information is based entirely on three films: Episodes VI-IX. When one hears of all the talk of the Clone Wars in the original films, one has to wonder what was being cloned exactly. A guy named Jango Fett? Not my first or second guess. Instead my assumption would be Jedi masters such a Qui-Gon, Windu, Yoda and, yes, Ben Kenobi. Why clone somebody ordinary when you can create an army of lightsaber-wielding Jedi Knights?! If it sounds doubtful, the Original Trilogy made the theory a possibility. And it's mostly because of Ben Kenobi.

Excuse me Mr. Kenobi, but was that Obi-Wan or OB1?

After being introduced to droids going by C-3PO and R2-D2, it is hard not to think O-B1 when first being presented to Ben Kenobi. A serial number by chance? A serial number that would be given to the clone of the original Ben Kenobi? So there could have been an OB2 or C34 Kenobi? It all depends on just how big the inventory of Kenobi's the Republic would want. So I expected a story that went a little something like...

Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan

My hopes were that in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, audiences would be introduced to an insanely powerful Jedi named Ben Kenobi. When the Republic becomes under threat of the Trade Federation -- who are weirdly lame considering -- they decide to use the technology of cloning in order to increase their stock of available troops and, of course, Jedi. Now, I'm sure there is some text somewhere that claims this is sacrilege to the Jedi order, but I'm running on film knowledge only. Considering that cloning could lead to flaws in the stock, only the best Jedi Masters and Jedi Knights must be chosen. Young and powerful, Ben Kenobi seems like the most perfect pick. The result is hundreds of Ben Kenobi clones, that are given a serial number instead of a first name.

But there's a catch! Cloned Jedi are not as pure as the original source, and come with weaker fortitude than the original Kenobi and other Jedi. To make matters worse, there are not enough Jedi Masters to take on so many Padawans, further hurting the training of the clones. The Sith pounce on this weakness and use their influence to sway a number of the clone Jedi to the dark side. Bring on the coolness when we see a Kenobi fighting a Kenobi! Just imagine Kenobi rocking some Sith robes! At least, it sounds cool.

Obi-Wan Clone Theory

One clone that couldn't be swayed, however, is OB1 Kenobi, who shows the same talents as Ben Kenobi and sticks with his creator to fight off the Trade Federation and the growing Sith menace. Bring on some story, splash on some drama, and sooner or later Ben Kenobi is killed during a pivotal battle. With the Sith victory and the continual destruction of the Republic at hand, OB1, aka Obi-Wan, knows it is best to go as the way of Yoda and withdraw to some planet outside the newly formed Empire's grasp. Yoda heads to Dagobah, while OB1 heads off to Tatooine to drop of Luke and bury his master, Ben Kenobi. Removing any chance of being connected to the Clone Wars, OB1 abandons his serial number in favor of his master's name, Ben.

We know that for over a decade Obi-Wan lives as Ben Kenobi, only to show apparent shock when he hears his old serial number mentioned by a now teenage Luke.

The theory is finished, it is.