Avengers: Infinity War – Guardians of the Galaxy IN With Spider-Man A Likely OUT

Keeping informed about Marvel and their extended cinematic universe is a daily job. Tracking the in's, out's and possibilities for sequels, prequels, crossovers and every machination that the studio can explore. But THR reports that Avengers: Infinity War is shaping together with a cast to bring Guardians of the Galaxy into the fold while the new and improved Spider-Man will wait in the wings for another adventure down the road.

Avengers Infinity War

As young British actor Tom Holland confirmed that he is due to take part in three solo projects and three ensemble pictures portraying Peter Parker, he admitted that the studio gave him the power and flexibility to dip in and out of the character so long as he keeps his end of the bargain by honoring his contract. The fourth Avengers should be likely for Spidey.

GOTG Mash With Avengers Will Be A Curious Mix

Guardians of the Galaxy Wallpaper

With Guardians of the Galaxy confirmed to set foot in the Avengers world, the tone, pacing and setting of the production will be interesting to view in the final wash. The lighter, funnier extension of Marvel did not go to Deadpool lengths for laughs. But with Chris Pratt's lead, he offered a hero that did not take himself or his circumstances overly seriously.

This contrasts to a lot of the regular crew, including Captain America, Thor and even the giant ego of Tony Stark when the moment calls for it. Maybe opposites attract and it will prove to be a smash hit with critics as much as it will be with the box office. But the clear divide will be broken and it will go one of two ways.

Team-up Concepts Could Be Born From Endless Ensembles


While we also know that Doctor Strange will show up in Avengers: Infinity War, the notion of team-up buddy flicks have been somewhat mooted. At least, when factoring that inflated pictures sap a lot of time and energy away from the acting talents on screen. Holland might decide to come into a Hulk, Black Widow or a Thor movie in his own right. And, rather than join up with 4 or 5 more superheroes, perhaps the less-is-more approach will pay dividends.

At the conclusion of Benedict Cumberbatch's film, we saw his character offer some advice to the God of Thunder before traveling away with the hero. This intimates that the pair could feature heavily on their own. It would be great to see that take shape.