Ant-Man Sequel To Focus On Hope Van Dyne Character

It turns out that Ant-Man And The Wasp will feature the Hope Van Dyne character prominently, as the initial draft is being put together prior to Marvel approval. Portrayed by Evangeline Lilly, the actress confirmed to New York Comic-Con that she has spoken with director Peyton Reed about the change in focus. Which will greatly increase her involvement in the upcoming sequel.


The 37-year old Canadian's excitement levels are through the roof, and we can't blame her. The project will explore the origin of her character as we await to see the Wasp suit up and take to the skies. But the added screen time is not going to be a central focus, only an opportunity to bring her narrative into the spotlight. All while extending Paul Rudd's Scott Lang aka Ant-Man. After all, it is his movie.

Sharon Stone Joins Original Cast

Sharon Stone Cast for Ant-Man and the Wasp

As Michael Douglas and Michael Peña reprise their roles they performed so admirably in the original, Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone has been added to the cast. Supporting the idea of the expanded storyline, she will play Hope Van Dyne's mother Janet. This makes her the original Wasp audiences flashed back to in Ant-Man. Long before her daughter takes the mantle and teams up with the miniature, shape shifting hero.

58-year old Stone thrived in the 90s. Making memorable appearances in such flicks as Sliver, Casino and Total Recall. Did I leave one out? Oh, and of course that movie where she revealed quite a bit to the camera. Stone and Douglas will be reunited on screen once more, having made Basic Instinct a smash hit back in 1992.

Ant-Man Gets The CineFix Treatment

Ant-Man Cinefix

Mashable reports that CineFix has given Ant-Man the homemade treatment. Transforming the trailer to something a little more budget friendly for fans of the franchise. Replacing huge action and special effects sequences with toy figurines, plastic costumes and plenty of over-acting, the spoof does a terrific job of replicating the original short shot-for-shot.

Their Homemade Movies segment earns a lot of traction online. But don't sell it short, as it also opens a window and appreciation into the depths studios go to in order to create the final product. But while it gives some laughs, the fact is the real thing is far more enjoyable. Appreciate the effort guys.