Anna Kendrick Lobbies Ben Affleck To Play Robin In The Batman

Anna Kendrick has been having some fun with the rumors linking her with a role in the DC extended universe. Dressing up as Robin alongside Ben Affleck when the pair underwent a double interview. Sitting with MTV to promote their new film The Accountant, the Pitch Perfect star thought the best way to address the buzz after her picture alongside Joe Manganiello was to suit up and see if he liked the goods.

Going into the thriller to discuss how unpredictable it was to perform, Kendrick butted in. "Can we just talk about the stunts," pointing to Affleck. "This guy. Fight sequences! Love fight sequences." And the hints, winks and nudges kept coming.

Ben Not Exactly Receptive To The Idea

Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck Batman Interview

Explaining that she calls her "guns" - "pitch" and "perfect," Kendrick dropped the veil to make a push for a role. "What has two thumbs and loves superhero movies? This guy! Love them. 'Put down that school bus Doctor Disaster!' Love it." Cue the awkward silence.

The scheduling conflict became an actual conflict when Affleck told Kendrick that not only would The Batman not feature a Robin character, but there was no chance she could ever be the Caped Crusader in the DC universe. Given the fact that the role is currently occupied. "Wow - micro-aggression!" said Kendrick. "It is 2016 and I don't need this patriarchal bullshit from either of you." Worlds worst job interview officially done!

Jokes Aside, A Robin Character Might Make An Appearance At Some Stage


Amid all the confused chaos and anarchy in Batman v Superman, one small scene in the film hinted that a Robin character was killed by the Joker in this version of the DC universe. Intimating that a prequel or flashback could be in store down the track. What we know so far is that Affleck will direct and star in The Batman and he will face Deathstroke.

It is believed that this deceased version of Robin was Jason Todd and not Dick Grayson - opening up all sorts of possibilities. And with a plethora of sidekicks in the comics from Batgirl to Stephanie Brown and Carrie Kelley, who knows what will be around the corner. We certainly know one actress who will jump at the chance.