Anchorman-Inspired Bar Stay Classy Coming To Los Angeles

New York City’s Lower East Side appears to be the first of a franchise of bars inspired by Anchorman. Hollywood's TCL Chinese 6 Theater earmarked for an opening of a brand new Stay Classy Bar. It turns out Will Ferrell's iconic take on Ron Burgundy was not only an internet sensation after. The film spawned a sequel, which was not very good. And now a bar franchise.

On October 25, 2015 that became a reality in NYC, and they are looking to make an addition. While this second bar has no official affiliation with Ferrell or anyone from the studio involved, this Los Angeles opening is being given a limited 10-day run. All in hopes of allowing for a permanent stay.

All For A Good Cause

Stay Classy Bar

Such has been the success of the NYC location. The move for expansion illustrates that there is currency on developing a bar off a popular film character. Yet this is not run purely to fatten the pockets of those running the joint. A portion of the proceeds go directly to Will Ferrell's very own charity Cancer for College.

The idea behind this particular charity is to help those students affected by cancer to offset their sizeable college fees as the stress mounts up on two levels. If this is the case, then who could be against a Stay Classy opening in a location near you?

Anchorman's Reaction To Cubs World Series Win Is Priceless

It wasn't just the MLB fans riding a rollercoaster of emotions when the Chicago Cubs went all "Whammy" to secure their first title in over a century. Funny Or Die managed to represent this incredible moment through the world of Ron Burgundy, as he rode every hit, every strike and every remarkable moment. This was anything but amateur hour from the FOD folks.

This video might very well have been inspired by Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo. Who was caught on microphone telling catcher David Ross he was in "a glass case of emotion" as each innings passed of the 7 match series. He wasn't the only one.

Source: EW, TIME