Ace Ventura, Major League and More Score New Reboots

Morgan Creek Productions are unashamedly rebooting a raft of their classic material from the 1980s and 90s, making the choice to bring back such titles as Ace Ventura, Major League, Young Guns and more. According to Deadline, the company is seeking to make the most out of their extensive library and will venture out to include the likes of Dead RingersDiabolique, Pacific Heights and Nightbreed.

Jim Carrey is tipped to return in a third Ace Ventura installment, overlooking the 2009 flop Ace Ventura Jr.: Pet Detective. Yet the involvement of brothers Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez is not known at this juncture, with Young Guns slated to be remade into a new picture and a television series.

Reboots Lead To New Franchise Opportunities: Morgan Creek

Ace Ventura, Young Guns and Major League

MCEG president David Robinson discussed the decision, intimating that he is simply following on from what his father and founder James Robinson had earmarked some three decades prior.

"Morgan Creek's globally recognized brand and premium titles are an ideal fit for the extraordinary creative revolution taking place in the television and digital worlds today.

"Given the quality of our library, we are in a unique position among independent content-driven companies to take advantage of the many opportunities this new world presents, thanks to the foresight shown by James Robinson over the past 30 years."

When quizzed about Ace Ventura in particular, Robinson outlined that he did not want a soft relaunch for a straight to DVD or limited release of the property. This will be a fully staged reboot to head to theaters.

"We wanted to do a mainstream theatrical production relaunch," he remarked. "Because it's episodic in nature, about a pet detective, it also lends itself to a traditional single-camera series franchise."

Sheen Already Has ML3 Ready to Go

Charlie Sheen in Major League

12 months ago, Sheen would explain to THR that a story is already in the pipeline ready to be adapted for Major League 3. Developed by writer-director David Ward, it is yet to be seen if this is the type of screenplay that would fit with Morgan Creek's rebooting schedule.

"You find the Vaughn character selling cars and his arm is so shot that if you buy a car from him, he'll play catch with your kid in the parking lot," said Sheen. "And then there is an ex who shows up, who he had a tryst with a couple decades ago, and she has a twentysomething kid, who is now in the Cleveland organization, throwing about 102 mph. So, the story pretty much focuses on that. The kid does not like me. We do not like each other. It bookends our story, but it also passes the torch."

Source: Deadline