A Ghost Story Teams Up Casey Affleck With Rooney Mara Once More

Some may argue that Casey Affleck is having his peak years right now. As the younger brother of Ben comes into the awards season off the back of some stellar performances including his much talked about role in Manchester by the Sea. Now he has been cast in a new supernatural feature titled A Ghost Story alongside a familiar face in Rooney Mara.

To be directed by David Lowery, the film will open at Sundance Film Festival for it's next sidebar once it begins in earnest on January 19. Production company A24 got in on the action early to claim the worldwide rights to the movie. All as it pairs a couple who are accustomed to working on set together.

Duo Are Used To Exploring The Wild Side

A Ghost Story will debut a few days into the festival on January 22, and the premise is an intriguing mixture of science fiction and drama/romance. According to reports from the gala, Affleck is in the title role to play what is believed to be “a spectral figure” who watches over his former lover Mara at his old home. Not an A-typical production by any means. And, given the pair's love to try indie flicks, this could make for interesting viewing.

Affleck's breakthrough role next to his brother in 1997's Chasing Amy began an exploration for features that could be described as semi-mainstream without ever working under mega budgets. Starring in movie's like 200 Cigarettes, Gone Baby Gone and Out of the Furnace, he won acclaim to step out of his sibling's shadow. Nowadays Casey is a box office name in his own right.

Mara follows suit as the 31-year old took a leap of faith with the remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in the lead role of Lisbeth Salander. Making a splash earlier via The Social Network and Aint Them Bodies Saints with Affleck and Lowery, the future looks bright for the actress.

Director's History Makes For An Odd Mixture

Much like the man's aesthetics himself, there is a lot going on in the creative mind of David Lowery. With his bald head and thick moustache painting quite the picture, the filmmaker has ventured into some interesting spaces with his work to date.

From the indie pictures that pitted together Mara and Affleck in 2013 to writing and producing lesser known movies that never received mainstream acclaim, Lowery biggest hit to date arrived with Disney's Pete's Dragon as a director and writer.

Source: THR