40 Minutes of Logan Seen and the Response is Gushing!

First we were alerted that Walt Disney Pictures showcased a big chunk of footage from Rogue One to build up anticipation for the film. As a result, the plan worked, and 20th Century Fox took note. Now Fox is doing the same, by showcasing a whopping forty minutes, what's being called the "First Act", from Logan. And, like Rogue One, those that had the privilege to catch the viewing are simply gushing.

Professor X and Wolverine in Logan

If you are afraid of spoilers, don't worry, as all the feedback has arrived through Twitter. Therefore all the reports are limited to 140 characters. So we are good there! And, while there are sure to be full, spoiler-filled, write-ups surfacing later today, for now this is strictly critical mass.

Logan Feedback on First Act

If you were wondering what sort of contribution Dafne Keen, as X-23, provides to the story, rest assured. As it seems that she is one of the greatest mutants to ever appear in a Marvel movie. Finding that hard to believe? Then check out these two tweets. One of which is courtesy of /Film.

Considering that Logan is constantly being compared to Deadpoll, mostly because both films are Rated-R, it makes some sense that tweets couldn't help but mention that mutant.

Starting to get excited Then you are going to love this additional praise.

Logan Dog Tags

Instagram Account Introduces What Looks to be Doctor Zander Rice

Though there were some rumors suggesting that Richard E. Grant would be playing Mr. Sinister. The latest post from the "wponx" profile seems to suggest an entirely different character. And they've given us a new photo of the actor in character. With one word, "Rice", fans are going nuts. Because "Rice" seems to suggest yet another character, Doctor Zander Rice. And this character is also important in the X-23 timeline.


A photo posted by @wponx on

The character is especially relevant, since he was part of the team that revived the Weapon X program. As a result, this program went forward to create Laura/X-23 as a female clone of Wolverine. Doctor Zander Rice has a reputation for being vicious. Though his origin story suggests an early demise, that could be expanded for the film.

Considering that we absolutely adore Richard E. Grant, let's hope his role is bigger than what the source material suggests.