4 Minutes: Rogue One Screening In Australia Sold Out In No Time

If you were under the impression that it was just the US who were a bit over-the-top crazy with their Star Wars fandom, think again. Such is the anticipation around the world for the follow up to the 2015 phenomenon that was Force Awakens. One midnight screening in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia's South East took only four minutes flat to completely sell out.

Rogue One Screencap

The tickets won't be able to come into effect for another 3 weeks ahead of the December release. Melbourne's IMAX theater, reportedly the biggest of it's type in the world, has already sold 4400 seats for first-week screenings, including the midnight debut which has every single seat accounted for.

US Site Can't Handle The Traffic

Rogue One Poster

The 8am Monday time slot is popular for Aussies to log in and get their ticketing fix. Trying to figure out how to bypass the pre-work interlude to get their hands on the prized possession. The pre-sale campaign beats out Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for early bird sales in Australia. Back in the Staes, one ticket-seller dropped the ball as they were flooded with customers.

Fandango, an online ticketing service, crashed as fans arrived in the thousands to overwhelm its servers. The numbers are astronomical across the board, with some in the business predicting earlier this month that it would make a $150m opening. Blowing the rest of the competition out of the water in the process.

Avoid New Featurette If You Hate Spoilers

Star Wars Featurette

X-Wing Starfighters, droid K-2SO, new scenes of Jyn Erso and plenty more. The latest featurette to drop this week has given us plenty to chew over. But if you're one of millions who don't like their dinner spoiled after snacking on useless junk, then avoid watching them at all costs.

The trailers for the production could almost be classified as their own series. Beginning with little hints, winks and nods before showing some spectacular cinematography via battle scenes and showdowns that might appear in the final stages of the film. Christopher Nolan's movies stuck to a principal not to show any of the last third of the movie to keep something in reserve.

Hopefully JJ Abrams, Disney and Lucasfilm have not spoiled too much too soon.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, Quartz