2019 To Be Year of The Batman With 4 New Movies Slated

2019 will be the year that Batman celebrates his 80th anniversary in DC. To mark such an occasion, there could be as many as four separate films featuring the Caped Crusader. That is, if the slated projects all go ahead as intended.

According to a Reddit forum named DCEU Leaks, the franchise is said to hit overdrive come 2019. Just how far is Warner Bros pressing the pedal? To the floor. With up to four movies starring Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne in some shape or form. Speculation has been rife with the actor attempting to pull out of his multi-million dollar contract with Warner Brothers given the fallout of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. a choice that could act as a domino effect for all of the following.

All In The Family At The Bat Cave

Justice League Trailer with Gordon

Spacing out the franchise over the 12 month spell, the forum indicated that Deathstroke will be a maligned presence as Matt Reeves attempts to incorporate Batman's sidekicks.

"The plan for 2019 is to release four Batman related films. Gotham City Sirens around Valentine's Day weekend, Nightwing on Memorial Day weekend, Batgirl in August and The Batman in November. The studio is doing this to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Batman. The Batman film will still have Deathstroke but not as a main villain. Matt Reeves wants to do a larger scale Batman film that will include the Bat family as well as most of Batman's rogues."

With so much Batman action taking place in 2019, they speculate that the Suicide Squad follow up will be pushed forward to accommodate.

"In addition, two Batman animated films are also planned for 2019. One will be an adaptation of The Long Halloween. Grant Wilson might be the villain for the Nightwing solo film. He is hired by Roland Desmond to take out all the mob bosses in Bludhaven. Suicide Squad 2 or Dark Universe will most likely be taking Aquaman's previous release date."

Flash To Be Revived With 2020 Vision?

The Flash in Justice League

The gossip does not stop there, with a supervillain regular on CW's The Flash looking at getting a bit screen adaptation.

"Mel Gibson is no longer the front runner to direct the Suicide Squad sequel. Jaume Collet-Serra and Ruben Fleischer are now the top candidates. The script is currently being written with a story pitch given by (David) Ayer. Killer Frost will be the new female lead to replace Harley Quinn. The Dark Universe script is going through final rewrites. Guillermo Del Toro's old treatment was used as a base and was rewritten to connect to the universe. If Liman is ready, filming could start as early as summer."

The rapid pace appears to have a knock-on effect, leaving The Flash a slot in 2020 should the mooted filmmaker ink a deal.

"Four movies are also planned for 2020. Warner Bros wants to do two low budget/smaller scale films and two big budget/larger scale films per year. Jonathan Levine is in talks to direct The Flash. The film will most likely release in 2020. Matthew Vaughn will most likely write the Man of Steel sequel if he takes on the directional duties."

Source: MovieWeb