Are You Scared? Red Band Trailer (2006)

Six kidnapped teens awake to find themselves trapped in a seemingly abandoned factory, but they soon discover that their every move is being taped by a series of security cameras. A voice booms out over the battered speakers mounted on the rotting walls…“Welcome to ‘Are you Scared?’”

They suddenly realize to their horror that they are in the midst of a reality show they all applied to months ago, but this is nothing like they expected; no contracts, no Producers and no way out…Jason, the cockiest of the bunch, is called out to play the first game, and without hesitation he marches into a bizarre room, full of rusted surgical equipment. Even that’s not enough to freak Jason out, but then he is told the rules of the game. There’s an explosive hidden in the room with him and he has sixty seconds to diffuse it. The only clue he has; an X-Ray…Pulling up his T-shirt he finds a cut on his own chest and the full horror of the situation dawns on him - the explosive’s in him!

Kelly, the natural leader of the rag tag group, is the first to hear the echoing explosion and the first to realize that the show has turned deadly. She rounds up the others, Dylan, Cherie, Brandon and Laura, and together they try desperately to find an escape route….but an unseen figure is ever vigilant, biding his time until he’s able to trap each of the teens one by one, forcing them to face their worst fears in games that they can’t possibly survive. He has a terrible dark secret that will result in each of the teens fighting for their very lives as he exacts his horrific revenge.

1 min 24 sec


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March 17, 2010
Andy Hurst

Andy Hurst

Lightning Entertainment

September 12, 2006
Alethea Kutscher
Carlee Avers
Brad Ashten
Kariem Marbury
Madison Petrich
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