Welcome to Eden Trailer (2009)

In the Summer of 2006, after more than fifteen years of working and developing a fourteen acre plot of blighted land into the largest and most productive urban farm in America, the farmers of South Central Los Angeles were facing eviction by Ralph Horowitz, a land developer who had reacquired the property from the Los Angeles City Council through a questionable back-room deal. During the previous three years, the farmers had fought and won numerous legal battles to preserve the land originally granted to them by the City in 1993 for the expressed purpose of creating a green space in downtown Los Angeles. And that's exactly what the 360 farmers had accomplished, developing a thriving farm that not only fed their families, but also provided healthy organic produce for thousands of people in one of the poorest and most crime-ridden communities in the country. The Farm had also become a nurturing community center, providing a safe haven from the crime and gang violence that threatened the farmers and their families everyday. But now with the final eviction notice, the farmers had exhausted all their legal options and they had no alternative but to ignore the order to vacate. They refused to leave the property! The "occupation" made headlines all over the world, as celebrities, activists, and thousands of concerned citizens joined the farmers in their protest. "Welcome to Eden" chronicles the people and the events of the monumental struggle to - SAVE THE FARM!!

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April 04, 2012
Michael McGreevey

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