War Machine Red Band Trailer (2009)

A terrorist threat rises from the third world, and its target is the United States of America. A fanatical would-be dictator devises an unexpected plan to overthrow the American government, and it's a plan that just might work. He calls on the underprivileged to rise up and create an unstoppable army, promising land and work to any family from any part of the world who sends a young man to fight in his so called liberation army.

The terrorist Commander establishes a base in a tropical Caribbean paradise which points like a dagger at America's throat. With only days before the the first elements land on U.S. soil, the American government can't wait to find out if it can be crushed, or if once established it will spread like wildfire and become unstoppable as every resentful youth in the world takes up arms to claim his share of the booty.

With no time to loose, the U.S immediately forms an elite strike force to engage the new terrorist regime before it can form a beachhead on U.S. soil. Their mission: stop it there before we have to stop it here. But the enemy Commander is well aware of American tactics and has his own elite commando team led by an assassin from the world's last ninja clan. The US team must survive his attacks and destroy the enemy's weapons so its army melts away back into the slums it grew out of.

1 min 59 sec


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February 25, 2009
Rene Perez

Brad Johnson


May 19, 2009
Robert Amstler
Marco Alvarez
Ute Werner
Dy Sao
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