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Brad Newsom
"I heard you like horror movies" "Oh, its for you". lol
Scream 4
Its not ID4. ID4 is based on many other Alien Invasion films. Thouhg unlike ID4, this one might to the invasion concept justice. ID4 was just so bad it was good. I want a genuinely good film without the patriotic american attitude through out the film.
Feature Trailer
This isn't a rip off of DISTRICT 9 or cloverfield. It has been in development during the same time as D9 and clover. It just had a lower budget, so it took longer to film. This film is oging to be awesome. Been following it for some time.
3d......really? Don't fucking put 3d into the title. Else we all know it will flop!
Drive Angry 3D
Teaser Trailer
Terrible, just like the games. Oh wait, no. Thats not right. The games had such amazing stories! /sarcasm
Resident Evil: Afterlife
How the fuck is arnold in this film?
The Expendables
Trailer B
HELL YEAH! That was a well done trailer. From beginning to end, I love it!
Iron Man 2
Feature Trailer
Griffin! He's an orphan. He isn't persian. Like Sands of Time, his lineage isn't from Persia.
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Feature Trailer
OH NO! He doesn't look or sound like a persian! lol somehow I'm going to be seeing a lot of comments like that. *sigh* This film looks like it will be fun. :D Can't wait.
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Feature Trailer
Why are people taking this film seriously? It looks hilarious! A lot of people were complaining about enterting Age information to watch it, and seem to forget that its a "RED BAND" trailer. This films look hilarious! Its not Dark Knight people! Get off your high horse and enjoy it!
Red Band Trailer
No offense to you people but Repo! was a really well done Rock Opera. There is a HUGE difference between a musicial and a Rock Opera. Its like saying James Bond and Indiana Jones are one and the same. Not saying this film looks bad either. The premise is quite badass. I don't know how one can say a premise on reposessing implants is a stupid idea. I actually think its quite genius. Anyways, cool trailer.
Repo Men
Red Band Trailer
The song is from Depeche Mode.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
No Offense guys, but the music was perfect. By firing the music editor is to say that you'd fire Guilmero Del Toro from Art Directing. The music was epic and fast paced. Not only that, but it was in complete harmony with the footage. This is what us editor's call PERFECT. THIS isn't LORD OF THE RINGS! NOT EVERYONE HAS TO HAVE OVERLY LOUD orchestral music just to make it work. Get off all of your high horses and get a life. This is no masterpiece, but it is far from being disgussting.
Clash of the Titans
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