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Brad Newsom
"I heard you like horror movies" "Oh, its for you". lol
Scream 4
Its not ID4. ID4 is based on many other Alien Invasion films. Thouhg unlike ID4, this one might to the invasion concept justice. ID4 was just so bad it was good. I want a genuinely good film without the patriotic american attitude through out the film.
Feature Trailer
This isn't a rip off of DISTRICT 9 or cloverfield. It has been in development during the same time as D9 and clover. It just had a lower budget, so it took longer to film. This film is oging to be awesome. Been following it for some time.
3d......really? Don't fucking put 3d into the title. Else we all know it will flop!
Drive Angry 3D
Teaser Trailer
Terrible, just like the games. Oh wait, no. Thats not right. The games had such amazing stories! /sarcasm
Resident Evil: Afterlife
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