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I'm in ... the soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission.
Take Me Home Tonight
Could be a good romp .... Glad to see Natalie Portman broadening her range and of course she looks amazing as always. I'll most likely see this one.
Your Highness
Red Band Trailer
Never saw Kick Ass but certainly know who Hit-Girl is: a profane urban girl trained by father to go after criminals. Hanna is not Hit-Girl and the story would be underwraps as opposed to a urban street crime. This is more espionage oriented which marks much higher as a need to see for me. I'm in.
A solid film from the trailer. Adding Dwayne Johnson, he no longer goes by The Rock, to the cast is a bonus. Gotta like the foot chases through shantytown and of course the driving. Makes you wonder about stealing cars from a train. When they finally finish putting out all of the films in this collection, I hope they make a box seet with them in chronological order.
Fast Five
This should be a good flick. What is with all the spam?
I'm so tired of Penelope Cruz ruining otentially good films. Why is a Broadway Musical director (Rob Marshall) in charge of a pirate film? ... There are better choices out there that would have served the film much better.. The big bonus is Ian McShane as Blackbeard, I think the idea of zombies and mermaids is good too. The first trilogy was as much a love story as it was about Captain Jack.Sparrow. With that chapter closed a new chapter is opened and hopefully this one will focus more on Blackbeard.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Everyone needs to see this!
Cool It
Love that trailer
Great trailer for a great film
They stopped making trailers like this shortly after this which is unfortunate.
Saving Private Ryan
The quality may be horrible but Hollywood does not make trailers like this anymore.
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
Trailer B
I think there is more than is revealed in the trailer. But I agree that people in Hollywood reveal too much nowadays. Take the opportunity to go back and look through some of the older trailers on this site and by older I mean pre-1995 or hell even pre-1980. You might enjoy yourself.
Red Band Trailer
I'll pay to see this unless it doesn't land in a theatre near me. Already reserved it in my NetFlix queue. ... I consider this a must watch film!
Cool It
It ain't meant to be taken seriously but just be a good ride. Been a while since a good Western has come along.... looks like this will be a different story than before but also fun.
The Last Rites of Ransom Pride
It always had the weapons of mass destruction storyline attached. It is for the most part a true story as there are certain things that could not or would notbe discussed by the real Valerie Plame. It all took place in Iraq but none in Niger.
Fair Game
I'll be there for this one.
The Town
Jay Chou looks uninterested in this film. I'd rather they went and got someone like Donnie Yen or Rain or John Terry or even a talented unknown who would be excited to be there. Seth Rogen is rumored to love the TV show so hopefully they'll do it justice. It is hit or miss for me with Seth. Unfortunately, I think Bruce Lee might rise up from his grave and kick Jay Chou's ass so he has some sense of expression on his face.
The Green Hornet
This is a very solid film. I highly recommend it! If you like any of the Dragon Dynasty films, you have to see this one!
Ninja Assassin
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