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the fact that at 1:45 you can see a PEG blow up part of the ship is the only reason i need to know this is going to be fun to watch
Theatrical Trailer
i guess Jim Carrey was busy....
A Thousand Words
for everyone that hates 3d: why do YOU care that people see 3d movies? if you dont watch them for your own reasons, good for you. your opinion isnt going to change the fact that hollywood is going to do whatever it takes to get its dough. its a dirty buisness, deal with it, its not going to change. as soon as people start finding 3d boring theyll think of some other mindless add-on to entice people to go to movies. sounds like you people love to complain,hate most movies and think your the shit regardless. ugh unfortunately im just feeding your ego, just go away please, you have nothing of real value to contribute
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Video Blog - 3D
why does this remind me of scarface?
The Devil's Double
groundhog day, surrogates, avatar, the matrix put in a blender and unique comes out. i want to see it but i won't be surprised if i can predict what happens.
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