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elmer fuga/ elmer
alright, it could be good, great, bad, or just watchable.
Trailer B
what the fuck is this shit? This is actually a song for the movie? It must be stupid.
Dead Snow
Music Video - Linni Meister 'My Ass' (Uncensored)
Okay, how the hell did catherine hardwicke screw up the first one? Never read the books, but this actually looks better than the abysmal twilight film.
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Seriously can not wait for this movie, looks so fucking badass. And adds a nice touch with "Welcome home" by coheed and cambria.
Feature Trailer
Was'nt expecting much considering the cliche of people living as robots but the action and story is seriously leaving a helluva impression on me.
Ugh, how many f'in christmas carol movies are going to be made? Too much, that's how many. It looks good yeah but, this story always gets a movie adaptation like every ten years. Anyone else agree?
A Christmas Carol
Promo Clip
Will definitely check this one out. The way Sly directs his action scenes are awesome.
The Expendables
Behind the Scenes
Too bad we gotta wait longer then expected for this movie.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Japanese Trailer
Wow, this looks pretty interesting.
Chandni Chowk to China
Although i'm more of a star wars guy, this looks very interesting. Will definitely check it out.
Star Trek
looks really good, just hoping that it won't let down. like National Treasure.
Race to Witch Mountain
Shit, I thought this was supposed to be out this year, but when I heard that WB wanted to push to next year a tear slipped down my cheek.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Feature Trailer
finally, a spoof that isn't from the screw ups who did super hero movie, or meet the spartans.
Dance Flick
man, if this were to happen then we'd rally be f'd.
Teaser Trailer
looks interesting.
Crossing Over
This movie looks f'in awesome!
Trailer B
Wow, this movie looks awesome, can't wait to see it.
Let the Right One In
Red Band Trailer
This movie looks so good! Now I see why everyone's so pumped up to see it. But first i'll read the book if I can.
Feature Trailer
It looks pretty good, with Micheal Bay producing it, and David S. Goyer Writing it what could go wrong? David S. Goyer is directing it, the las time he directed a movie it was'nt so good.
The Unborn
wow, this one looks tight man. And it's creative how he has to bring his car with him to beat the bad guy. Nice.
Transporter 3
Trailer B
Looks alright, but idk yet, it could be a waste of time.
Trailer C
looks like it could be good, but not really, so yeah.
The Uninvited
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