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0:42 - The Hulk appears in the background, looks odd. My only concern for this film is Joss Whedon.
The Avengers
Super Bowl Spot (Extended)
I mean Paul W.S. Anderson, Wes Anderson is a great Director
Resident Evil: Retribution
That was the worst green screen I have ever seen and using Tron's Daft Punk, WTF. It is time for Wes Anderson to walk away from Resident Evil and movies all together!
Resident Evil: Retribution
This looks AWESOME!!!
Theatrical Trailer
This film will not disappoint :) Nolan's track record speaks for itself. - Music cue. The music is done by Hans Zimmer. He also did the music for The Dark Knight.
This does look bad :/ the fx of the old lady jumping around is brutal, the acting looks bad (except for the main character), and the fx look bad, lol. Great idea, but poor filmmaking.
Red Band Trailer
I agree completely with Goethe. Judging by the clip, this is Need for Speed not Fast and Furious. What a sad excuse for a movie! Its a remake of itself, that has to be a first in Hollywood, lol
Fast & Furious
Exclusive - The Bridge
That was brutal! It was like watching a really annoying infomercial...GET YOUR 500 DAYS OF SUMMER NOW for the low cost of a movie ticket!
500 Days of Summer
Teaser Trailer
I was excited about this movie until I heard the musician "Will I Am" will be in it. Please tell me why musicians become actors? He has no experience what so ever in "ACTING". Stick to your music. I'm also a little concerned about director Gavin Hood! Very little experience behind the camera and his first action flick. However, I can't wait to see all the new characters in action. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope this will be worth watching more then once.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
The book was great and Ron Howard has yet to disappoint.
Angels & Demons
Teaser Trailer
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