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Reminds me of GATTACA and that is a good thiing. I will check this out.
In Time
Comic Con Trailer
Looks good, but kinda down that it is a complete reboot. I thought they would do a short intro for the origin and get on with a new story. The first person Spidey with the CG hards make me think of the first person shooter scene in Doom. Thought yep this is a gimmick to sell the 3D tickets. I'm a fan so I will see it anyway, and yes in IMAX3D.
The Amazing Spider-Man
Hit-Girl who people will say. Unfortunately hardly anyone saw Kick-Ass. Looks good and will check it out.
Looks very close to the original which is great. They just repacked or localized for American audiences. I may wait and rent this one or use a free movie ticket from my theaters rewards program,
Let Me In
Red Band Trailer
Movie looks awsome and can't wait to see it.
Sucker Punch
Comic Con Trailer
I don't think surgical ATM will make it to the theaters. I see this as a direct to home video release.
The Human Centipede
Looks great I will definitely go see this in the theater. The trailer gave away to much of the plot or is there more to it. In the beginning of the trailer a guy outs her as a Russian spy/assassin then reveal that her husband was kidnapped, and later on you hear an agent say she was telling the truth. This is way too much information, but the action looks good, and Angelina is in it, so I will see it.
Trailer B
I like the idea of the story, but when I saw Michael getting his butt kick cartoon\comic style I though WTF. Is this movie based in a superhero comic world or is it just cheesy? If it is a comic book movie this I guess it is ok then. Definitly want to find out more about the movie.
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Looks funny enough for a matinee viewing.
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Promo Trailer
Like the title said.
Iron Man 2
I like this trailer a little better. Still wanting to see it. Wait WTF did I see a Ninja using a gun?
Trailer B
Looks ok, but it doesn't appear to have that mysterious flare Ninja Assassin had. They should call it American Ninja 2.
I just saw the first movie from Netflix a couple months ago and loved it. So when I saw the Redband trailer the other day I blew a mental load.
The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
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The Last Days on Mars - Trailer
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