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Oh Jason Segel......
Well after Hostel & ATCM at least we can expect there to be a lot a gore, though all the blood in the world may not make up for the painful story line. When there is nothing else on, i'll watch it!
Shark Night 3D
@a-parkman@live.com They have released so many trailers for this film to make changes based on the negative feed back, Fanboy bloggers are reshaping this film. Lets hope it makes sense after all the chopping and changing.
Green Lantern
Theatrical Trailer
ummm......yeah it's not getting annoying at all to constantly have these massive advert blogs constantly popping on this site at the moment!!?? Come on trailer addict, get your act together and start monitoring your bloggers a bit harder to cut this crap out! Your about to start losing followers!
Cedar Rapids
This looks like a comedy in the tradition of the comedys of old! It should be not only funny but just straight out fun!
International Trailer
Well it definitely looks like more of a return to form from that last piece of crap they gave us, Well it definitely looks like more of a return to form from that last piece of crap they gave us, but I wonder if audiences are growing tired this franchise. Especially since there talking 2 more films after this one. I certainly know I’m growing tired of the Jack Sparrow (Sorry "Captain" Jack Sparrow) character, as much as I have always enjoyed Johnny Depp as an actor!
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
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