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yeah I just got blew away i had no clue what I was clicking on
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
No matter how I slice it up in my head I just couldn't picture simple humans being any sort of challenge for the predators. It seems to me the predators must have pretty stingent rules to their hunts for some guy with a ninja sword to have any chance at all. This movie looks like it has amazing potential but it still looks like they arent giving the predators enough credit. They should introduce the female predators too lol. OH or better yet bring in the woman from AVP to make an appearance as one of the hunters. The AVP franchise isn't necessarily horrible they just havent used the concept to it's full potential.
Sneak Peek
I'm so excited to see this. I really can't wait. Why does pixar just have to be so frikkin awesome?
Toy Story 3
Trailer B
This looks bad ass. The music was a good choice. This movie looks deliciously twisted.
Hit Girl Red Band Trailer
Repo! was a great movie what is wrong with you people?
Repo Men
Red Band Trailer
doesnt the ending just scream hulk? l
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Feature Trailer
pure awesomeness
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
International Trailer
looks like a real feel good movie to me I wouldn't mind being dragged to the theatre to watch it.
The Blind Side
I dont know what to think yet...
Alice in Wonderland
Teaser Trailer
gawd if this was "the comedy hit" at the sundance film festival the other movies must of been awful.
Mystery Team
Trailer B
lol I really wish I could of heard what they were saying at some parts in english
I Love You Phillip Morris
French Trailer B
Looks pretty intense...
It's just ...so ... fucking beautiful. At first I thought it was going to be some sort of documentary but after seeing this ..just wow
District 9
looks like a cheesy b-movie to me. Maybe thats what they were going for idk but they could of found a better leading lady.
Jennifer's Body
Red Band Trailer
No it is absolutely blasphemous to take such a beautifully made movie like "The Cell" then add an extra, unnecessary, ugly, unoriginal piece of garbage like this to it.
The Cell 2
lets hope the movie can live up to this trailers standards
It doesn't look like the story is going to be very well executed... AND wtf is up with the saw theme music? This trailer just spews unoriginal crap from every orifice of it's ugly unshaven body.
The Box
So whats the twist gonna be? We all know who's directing it.
The Last Airbender
Teaser Trailer
the audio cut out for me about halfway through. It does look good though
Winged Beast
I'm sold. Apocalyptic movies are always my fav.
Now that we've seen the trailer is there really any reason to see the movie? I mean it doesn't really leave anything to the imagination.
The Stepfather
Black Dynamite
Red Band Trailer
I hope this trailer is a deception on some level because what it looks like is hes just one of many clones placed on the moon with false memories to make him work hard for three years before they destroy him.
lol its obvious they just grabbed up a cheap music video and digitally placed their adds on those cards. No the song isnt in the movie.
Dead Snow
Music Video - Linni Meister 'My Ass' (Uncensored)
if milla jovovich is in the movie you can bet on nudity
A Perfect Getaway
what in the hell did they do to sherlock holmes???
Sherlock Holmes
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