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F***ing brilliant! I've been waiting for this.
I'm Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix
The Big Tits Zombie (Kyonyu Dragon)
HA! I've already figured this movie out. The aliens come and we think we're being invaded when in reality we're being saved from our own worlds destruction! thus explaining the massive amounts of abduction similiar to the herding of animals needing to be relocated. I bet when they're all relocated to another world and realize everything is all ok someone makes the comment "look at that beautiful skyline"
And with death at a funeral, let the right one in, the new fantastic four etc etc etc rofl
I Spit On Your Grave
Feature Trailer
they made a movie about my ex-wife
I Spit On Your Grave
Feature Trailer
Jackass 3D
I dont know how I feel about this
It's just a mashup of all the different funny jonah hill / michael cera / jay baruchel films performed by kids. Idk maybe they can pull it off but if anything this movie will just make all the other movies look that much better.
The Virginity Hit
Red Band Trailer
ok so its two minutes of seizure inducing title sequence? then what? ten minutes of looking at buildings and planes in the sky? followed by twenty minutes of end title sequence?
Enter the Void
First 2 Minutes
YESSS I shed a tear watching the trailer I am so f***cking in. Can I buy my ticket now?
Sucker Punch
Comic Con Trailer
Squeal! Squeal like a pig!... They chose a shitty actress. It can't be a shot for shot remake because I doubt they're going to flash supposedly twelve year old vagina to the american audience. They're going to have to rewrite most of the characters because I could just see all the jocks and homophobes yelling "fag!" at the movie screen. Just F*** it lets just say its not a remake lets just call it the retarded cousin of the original and after it has its few moments in the spotlight lock it up back in it's dark closet where it belongs BECAUSE YOU TOUCHED YOUR SISTER IN HER BAD PLACE AND YOUVE BEEN A NAUGHTY BOY.
Let Me In
Red Band Trailer
It will never end. the people thirst for predictable plots and gore is insatiable!
Saw 3D
Teaser Trailer
but I think I speak for everyone who only has one eye when I say I can't wait for 3-d to go out of style again.
Comic Con Trailer
Looks great
The Goon
Promo Trailer
I knew they had slashed the budget to hell but is that still an excuse for a trailer like this?
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Comic Con Greeting
enough said
Feature Trailer
It looks pretty bad to me but I guess I'm just not a fan of this kind of production value. Is it just me or did they maybe just grab up an older steven seagal flick and just superimpose dannies face over his? Then they just ran the whole film through a cheap software program to give it some artsy tones. Eh I'll stick with machete. At least that movie is supposed to be bad.
Danny Trejo's Vengeance
Red Band Teaser Trailer
Is it just me or does justin timberlake seriously look ten years younger in this?
The Social Network
A decently written and directed movie with copious amounts of gratuitous nudity? Count me in motherf****ers!
Middle Men
Feature Red Band Trailer
I think the movie was better in my head...
Cinco de Mayo Trailer
Is laurence fishbourne continuing the story of the character played by danny glover in predator 2? It seemed that way from the additional clips and it could definitely be an interesting plot point.
International Red Band Trailer
I was all about the first movie in the theatre until the ending. It just seemed like a cheap ending to the movie. Plus when they show a movie like this in a theatre they shouldnt even tell you at the end it was a play with actors. I would of prefered to have some sense of "hmm maybe it did happen" in my head. The first movies advertising was great is why it did so well. This movie will probably have to open a whole new world of viral advertising up to achieve the same numbers at the box office.
Paranormal Activity 2
Teaser Trailer
It always been my opinion that going to see movies like this whether they turn out to be truly good or not still add well to the summers lineup. Looks great to me but even if it isnt that just means the next movie I see will be that much better. I'm still not going to sit here and shamelessly plug movies I think are going to be the best of the best mr. sylentwolf
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
International Trailer
Looks great
The American
Zack snyder needs to direct more zombie movies. Dawn of the dead kicked absolute ass.
George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead
Feature Trailer
@ajmrowland: dont take exaggeration so seriously and I bet this movie does break some serious records.
Toy Story 3
New Toys
Actually looks pretty good
If theres a part where danny trejo shanks a predator I am in
Might as well be directed by uwe boll.
Resident Evil: Afterlife
Yeeeah the trailer should of ended with the gopher bit. It was the only thing that made me laugh and just knowing theres a cheesy animated dance scene in the movie ensures i wont be going to see it
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