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Has anyone else noticed how much gay/lesbian stuff occurs in animated children's movies these days? I'm in no way against gays lol but it just seems to be picking up a lot of steam. I know it shouldn't be a huge deal but our media is how we are judged by the rest of the world. Radical islamists don't know me but they can hear and see what we choose to hear and see and I'm thinking that at this point the world no longer sees us as much as they see some overblown movie or hear some overplayed song that panders to this new age of people we've collectively created. Ah well.
The Boxtrolls
Teaser Trailer
Is this some sort of odd reboot or something? It looks like theyre pretty much saying "HEY the last four movies were just a dream! we didnt REALLY back ourselves into a corner by killing off all the likeable characters. Lol i like to homage to dawn of the dead. looks like that scene might have been shot at the same locale.
Resident Evil: Retribution
Feature Trailer
isnt this the movie based on the dybbuk box?
The Possession
the makeup artist who did this deserves a reward. looks fantastic
ok so the movies about them saving the world from aliens but there isnt a single hint of that in the trailer? I think some people are going to be a little surprised when they walk into the movie theatre for this one lol
The Watch
Teaser Trailer
I bet the movie just goes black as the clock turns 4:43 or 4:44. As much as I appreciate the art of it and the idea of using your own imagination to play out in your mind what's going to happen I would prefer a few of these movies to actually resolve themselves on screen.
4:44 Last Day on Earth
Can I buy my ticket now?
Iron Sky
Mirror Mirror
International Trailer
Im a huge fan of manson and especially his take on sweet dreams but even I have to admit it's a bit overused. I wish he'd take his royalties and put out that damn movie he was tallking about doing years ago.
Wrath of the Titans
I saw who it said was the director and I HAD to crosscheck it with IMDB. Vincent D'Onofrio?!?!?!?!?!?!? really?!??!. I mean it's obviously garbage but still. I kinda wanna see this. How could such a great actor direct such a small low budget film and not even lend himself to the cast?
Don't Go in the Woods
Lost in Translation
the beard could have looked more real.
The Dictator
I want that song on my stereo NOW
G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation
WOW this feels intense.
We Need to Talk About Kevin
I have a feeling this is going to be one of the few beautiful movies where as I'm leaving the cinema I will have absolutely nothing to say
Albert Nobbs
Goddamnit I love how amazing movies are getting. Could you imagine a movie like this coming out just ten years ago? Peoples heads would have been blowing like scanners yo.
You can't ever have too many feel good comedies.
Trailer B
As much as I like it I still know it's going to be one of the biggest flops in history.
I might hav to come outta the woods for this one
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Red Band Trailer
to what will probably be my favorite feel good comedy of the year :D
Whats funny is as soon as I saw the guy in the wheelchair I automatically assumed he could walk. What happened to movies that could take you by surprise?
Good Neighbors
A lot of the costume design is throwing me off. It feels like someone fucked with tarsem while he was trying to make this. it feels tainted. idk I just don't see him using a modern sledgehammer as a prop. and hyperions helmet is just silly looking.
this could be hit or miss
30 Minutes or Less
Red Band Trailer
I'm incredibly intrigued but I think I can wait for this one to come out on redbox lol
Another Earth
This looks spectacular
HA wtf? this looks fucking awful. check it out at 1:03 it looks like hes got hair plugs rofl.
I feel like tron legacy wasn't even really a sequel but more like a setup for the real sequel. The uncertainity of the future of the grid as well as the fate of tron and whether flynn was truly destroyed when he absorbed clu. The plot was very shallow but it was also fascinating. If they really put some effort into a third movie that really tied up all the loose ends it could easily go down as one of my favorites. Also what was with them completely removing the original tron from stores and online? nobody I know even knew this movie was a sequel and thusly they never gained any attachement to any of the characters. That was a poor strategy of them. I know they just wanted to seperate this movie from the cheesyness of the first but still. ah well
Tron 3
Teaser Trailer
F*ckin Genious
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Yeah it really is just a cheaper version of constantine lol. the same basic plot points are there and even a lot of sligthly altered versions of the same weapons. Remember constantines brass knuckles with the crosses on them?
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
lol dude got the tyson tat
The Hangover Part II
Teaser Trailer
Theres no way anyone could even pretend to be interested in this. In fact the way test audiences reacted to this is probably why the production companies scrapped almost every other "found footage" film that was set to be made.
Apollo 18
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