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When I saw the teaser some months ago, I was not interested. BUT NOW!! Aliens? Tigers, wings, and fire?? Yes please.
The Watch
HERESAY WARNING: I heard that Matt Damon was not planning on doing any more Bourne movies because of their level of violence. That being said, this movie looks fairly violent according to that philosophy, and it is the same director as Supremacy and Ultimatum. Hmm?? I need to check my sources.
Green Zone
I am always a little afraid of video-game-turned-movies, but I am really looking forward to this one. Maybe because I loved the video game; who knows.
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
I'm good. You good? Yeah, I'm good. Difficult premise to pull off. The logline explains a little better. I hope this is not just another mediocre dramedy. I hope this great cast can breathe life into what I am envisioning in my head. I hope this movie is more than fine.
Everybody's Fine
I had a shot at being an extra in this. It fell through. Woe is me. Ok, enough complaining. I love these two, and together, we have so much potential here!!
Date Night
Interview - Steve Carell and Tina Fey
He's Just Not That Into You - all-star cast, mediocre movie. Can this one do better? I hope so. If anything, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon will be SO EASY to play with this and the aforementioned movie in my arsenal.
Valentine's Day
Cult Classic or Revelatory Blockbuster? I hope for the latter, although I am happy either way. December 18th cannot come soon enough.
I wish I was a part of this film, some how, any how. It looks like everyone involved found something new in the creation of this film. The new filming style used by JC must be incredible. I look forward to seeing how it all comes together.
Comic Con Panel
This movie should be quite the ride. I really hope the line "Wake up. It has never been about the..." did not spoil too many surprises.
From Paris With Love
Red Band Trailer
Ace and Gary have nothing on these two.
I Love You Phillip Morris
I enjoyed the book more than I care to admit. The glory of it is that each story stands on its own as a piece of horrific, base, and vile majesty. I am a little worried that they took many of these shorts and have woven them together to form a cohesive plot/script. I really hope they come through. I am ready!
I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
Red Band Trailer
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