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This looks creepy as fuck.
6 Souls
FINALLY a full trailer! I am so stoked for this!!!
The Last Airbender
This looks really good. I'll definitely be seeing it. From what I've seen, it looks like The Happening but done better.
The Crazies
Super Bowl Spot
Tracy Morgan is not funny. Nuff said.
Cop Out
Red Band Trailer
YAY Appa!!! And also yay (possible) BLUE SPIRIT!!! This excites me to no end. :)
The Last Airbender
Super Bowl Spot
"What the fuck is this?" is right. This looks retarded.
Red Band Trailer
This actually looks pretty good. I love Amanda Seyfried.
Red Band International Trailer
Bradley Cooper is the hottest thing in comedy right now.
The A-Team
This trailer is chock full of fail...
How to Train Your Dragon
Trailer B
The general premise is very similar to Minority Report, i.e. suddenly being hunted by the people you used to hunt with.
Repo Men
Red Band Trailer
THIS CAST IS FLIPPIN CRAZY. Looks pretty good.
Valentine's Day
Trailer B
I'm so glad to hear that this is coming out in America.
The pig scene is hilarious. However, I'm a little disappointed that they showed the Jabberwocky at the end. It would've been a nice surprise while watching the movie.
Alice in Wonderland
I'm kinda sad that they gave away the Kraken. I wish they would've left it out of all the trailers so it would've been that much more of a shocker while watching the movie. Other than that, this trailer has sold me and I will definitely be seeing it.
Clash of the Titans
Feature Trailer
The. Fuck. My mouth was wide open the entire time watching this.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
They made it two parts so they can include everything that needs to be in it and please the fans.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
Featurette - First Look
Talk about a trailer. Holy crap. This makes me want to see it.
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
International Trailer
This trailer doesn't show anything about what the movie is actually about.
Feature Trailer
I think this movie is definitely worth seeing, based on this trailer. I absolutely loved the use of Mad World at the end. When it started playing my first thought was, "WIN."
The Crazies
Before asking what the song is, look right under the video in the Trailer Tracks box. You'll look less stupid because then you won't comment asking about a song everyone knows about. :)
The Crazies
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