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It doesn't matter what kind of movie they make, I always find that I want to see it.
Inside Llewyn Davis
Theatrical Trailer
really good.
Drinking Buddies
The Family
Umm, hell yes. Also looks like a great cast too.
We're the Millers
Red Band Trailer
Man of Steel
Feature Trailer
The other big ship seems to be similar to a Federation vessel. I have to resist the urge to dig further....
Star Trek Into Darkness
I adore her. Simple as that.
The English Teacher
British version of "Bad Lieutenant" (Keitel, not friggin' Cage) with a bit more levity. I'll take it.
Red Band Trailer
...its a TEASER. Its not even in production yet. Friggin' relax.
The Host
Teaser Trailer
The camp and melodrama of Dark Shadows is what made it Dark Shadows. Frankly, im sick of Tim Burton making Tim Burton movies. He ruined what could have been a spooky but fun movie. SImple as that.
Dark Shadows
...that was an awesome trailer. And it didnt reveal any plot points either, at least none that we didnt already know via common sense. Wow!
The Avengers
Feature Trailer
Awesome.... I wonder if we'll ever meet Yutani?
Viral - TED
This. Movie. SUCKED. Im glad I saw it at a screening, but im still mad that I burned the gas to get there. GARBAGE!
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Feature Trailer
I like the notion of the typical "cabin in the woods" horror movie being toyed with. Why do the same things happen in a Cabin Horror movie? Because its "designed that way" and the victims are just rats in a maze. I like the idea, and if anyone can pull it off its Whedon.
The Cabin in the Woods
I did not expect that to look as intriguing as it did. I look forward to attending a screening!
Snow White and the Huntsman
I love sports movies like this, it looks like a solid picture.
I saw this at a screening last month... it was okay. (not great, but not horrible either) Im not sure how well it will play in the US though.
Attack the Block
Red Band Trailer
I'm liking what i'm seeing!
Conan the Barbarian
Red Band Trailer
That looks amazing.
The Devil's Double
Its not so much of a teaser trailer as it is a treat for the people that followed the "Flynn Lives" viral marketing campaign leading up to Legacy. Clearly they hope to continue in that vein until Tron 3 comes out, which is very much about the conspiracy at Encom (and the return of Dillinger Sr/Sark).
Tron 3
Teaser Trailer
...thats look solid.
X-Men: First Class
Must not get hopes up... must not get hopes up... must.....not...........get.... Aw hell. Too late!
Tron Legacy
Music Video - Derezzed
Looks charming, good cast... hopefully the screening tomorrow will be good!
Love and Other Drugs
I just came from a screening of this, and it was EXCELLENT. It openly honors the great teen comedies of the 80s, and has some really edgy, whip smart writing. Great acting from everyone, but Emma Stone really comes through in every scene. One of the best teen comedies in recent years, without question. :)
Easy A
...I just soiled myself.
Iron Man 2
Feature Trailer
I've been waiting for this since I saw the original in the theaters...
Tron Legacy
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