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makes me instantly want to see movies less. i love Timothy Olyphant, but this movie looks lame. if olyphants character knows they are stronger togetner, why the hell are they sperad apart? and yeah, previews are supposed to make you want to see what happens, not tell you what happens. for shame.
I Am Number Four
practical effects. i want robots that look like they were actualy built, not rendered.
Real Steel
seems like a fine actor. i laughed at this. would watch it.
Friends With Benefits
Red Band Trailer
we did seem to see him kill every single person on his list, but this made me want to see it where the first trailer did not at all
Red Band Trailer
haha, im just glad to see a movie where johnny depp does not have face paint or a funny voice
The Tourist
Trailer B
"im running from generic faction of people, i can do crazy shit" yeah, it seems much like jumper, or some other mediocre movie
I Am Number Four
Teaser Trailer
Im all for lamenting over the state of the movie indistys stance on rarely making inteligent films, but it seems griffin just likes to bitch. im sure there is a reason comedies dont win best picture often(ever?), and that many comedies are uninspired these days, but the format this one follows is a clasic. "planes, trains, and automobiles " for example. one wacky guy and one normal guy did not work for "cop out" .aweful. but this has the benifit of not having tracey morgan. plus it has RDJ. I bet it will get 70 to 80 % reviews. its hard to quintify a movie, but im going by reviews and not boxoffice, because if i did that, Norbit would be a better movie than the godfather.
Due Date
Feature Trailer
saying you wont watch this because the road was bad is like saying you wont watch the devils advocate because you did not like johnny mnemonic. Nothing to do with eachother. the original was amazing, and it looks like they are trying to bring the exact story to america minus subtitles, because we are all iliterate, speeking of which, good job spelling TWO right.
Let Me In
Exclusive TV Spot - Ancient Force
Repo! was good, the protagonist was a badass and the story was good the atmosphere was awesome, but some people get hung up on the music. I didnt like some of the songs but when there are virtualy no spoken words, its hard to make every song a chart topper while still getting across the story. I think there are far worse things to copy. plus jude law is awesome anyway. and any way at least its not a direct remake only two years after the original starring chris rock, Martin Lawrence, and Tracy Morgan, taking every punchline and making them black jokes... yeah death at a funeral. what a travisty.
Repo Men
Red Band Trailer
The only thing that bothers me is the demon thing pulling that guy out the window... everything in the trailer is spot on to the begining of the game. even the dialog is exactly the same, this being the first fatheful adaptation of a videogame that I can think of. But there are no wing-ed creatures in max payne... so I hope thats some kind of visual metaphore.
Max Payne
Featurette - The Beginning
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