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Manuel A. Sanchez
This movie will be effin'-sick! okay, Chris Nolan knows what he's doing and DiCaprio is a great actor. Hans Zimmer (my favorite composer) always makes a great soundtrack. This is a sci-fi movie that's set in the present, how many times have you seen that and not have it be about superheroes or giant robots? And it literally takes place within the architecture of the mind. Beautiful, Nolan, simply beautiful. DiCaprio has the some drug or something that allows him to go into peoples' dreams or mind and he's framed for his wife's suicide, is all I know about the set-up of the film so far. Wish I had more but Nolan loves to keep his stuff locked up tight. He's got more security than freakin' J.J. Abrams!
//About 5-10% of what's in the teaser is NOT real.// I'm sorry, I meant to say that 5-10% of what's in the teaser is real.. and that 90-95% of what's in it is CGI.
//how many of you retard know this was filmed in Hawaii? and that the humans are live actors? the aliens mayebe be CG but how else would you get to film 10 foot tall blue aliens without it looking like a crappy 60s movie? most of the forest sequences are live action. // You are basically an idiot... Do your research. About 5-10% of what's in the teaser is NOT real. There are no real locations, barely any live-action acting at all. It's all motion-capture, you can tell by the way they move. The scene in the lab where Jake wakes up in his Avatar, those two doctors in the room with him are CGI. When he gets off the Samson transport carrier, fake. When the marines were marching into the hanger, fake. Now that is impressive to the artists, because they were able to trick you already without the 3-D and IMAX.
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