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The sad part is that this movie will make a fortune as well as become a game and a spin off TV series, a new mens cologne, toys, shirts, etc. And to think that a GOD of Hollywood and his lesser Gods and Goddetts all think their target markets are Nerd types that who only care about the technology behind producing such a movie and the fact that one of their fav cartoon characters has come to life! Im wondering if the nebish nerds will catch on first and see that this pre packaged cartoon garbage is actually how these Gods think of you and yours. Does anyone remember all the taunts, slurrs and jeers that were thrown at adults that read comic books? Go to TV Land and watch a show that includes Goober on the Andy Griffith show and he will have a comic book tucked into his back pocket and some stupid hat sans a propeller on his head. Everyone that grew up around this time, including the Gods and Goddetts that have control over the movies today and dictate what you will watch, grew up thinking that those that read these books was a child or a moron. WHAT does that tell you when the largest budgeted movie are all cartoons? Cartoons at the movies were meant for pre-movie entertainment, Comic Book Serials were meant for B directors with no budgets and everyone involved a chance to demonstrate that they could do as good as the top tallent. But costing the studios millions less to actually have the stars, directors etc, that they could do well on a well written piece. Not every movie has to be some deep dark drama. But hey, what about a movie that not only entertains but also shows a little more depth than a comic book hero? Last comment. Please if the writers strike is still going on someone settle it soon or we are going to spend Christmas and New Years watching the B list of Comic Book Heros and Villians.
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