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This is a new movie adaptation of a comic character who first appeared in 1977. This has NOTHING to do with the 94 Stallone movie. Hollywood f**ked that up. This is an independant movie and is NOT made by hollywood. This will be R rated (18 in the UK) and will not feature on kids happy meals. The Stallone film is NOT the origin of this character. Stallone was sh*t as Dredd. Oh, and this was filmed a year before the "Raid" even started filming!
What is that frame right at the end after the title. I've paused it and scolled across to find it but I can't quite decide what it's meant to be. It kinda looks like a monster hand print on a misty window. It must be significant. Unless speilberg and JJA are just messing with us!?
Super 8
Looks totally awesome! Can't wait for this.
Comic Con Trailer
I'm really confused! This looks like a completely different film to the other trailers. The characters look toatally different and the costumes too. I gotta say I prefer the look of this. It looks closer to the anime. In the other trailer Jun's outfit was black and red instead of pink and Jason@s was grey / silver instead of white and blue. I thought the other one sucked but I like the designs in this clip a lot more. Someone please explain whats going on with these different trailers!?
I know that the premise isn't exactly the same.... but there is a new kids film in CGI coming out that has a very similar premise to Avatar called "Battle for Terra". It seems that in the space of time it's taken to get this film finished dozens of other studios have already pumped out films with sililar storylines and designs. And how good is a film gonna be if it only looks good in 3D on an Imax. The over-hype may dissapoint. I'm sure it'll be a great movie, but they are talking like this film is gonna make everyday life look fake in comparrison.
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