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Kuzz Buzz
Its the return of the disaster movies!
Japanese Trailer
Nice idea, take away the norm responsibilities and social conduct, this is what you are left with. Look good - I'll be watcihing out for this movie.
Youth in Revolt
For this comment, I will not use Ainious, to make it more magical. lol. Great characters. The world of SiFi a little bit expossed too. Look forward to seeing the film, even if it does have a tranny.
Gentlemen Broncos
I love the way the humor has been added to give his film to give it another gear. It already tackles so many issues (God, the secound coming, how quickly we all turn to violence and little old women), that I am now genually curious to see the film. Great acting by Paul Bettany
Red Band Trailer
For the people who are being negative, which is your right, I just wonder if they have teh right perpective when viewing this trialler - This is after all.... * a teaser trailer * this is obvioulsy out there just to add to the hype * the final product is not out till mid December * no dialouge in this trailler to give any depth * the final product is meant to be seen in 3D For myself I look forward to a trailler with more thought. A clip that will show some of the plot, more charaters, and dialouge. Or maybe I should just wait for the movie. Ha ha
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