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This definitely reminded me of Taken, if just a bit. Looks dark and gritty and Gibson sure still has his acting chops.
Edge of Darkness
It seems pretty good. The plot can probably be guessed and the outcome for sure, but it still looks interesting.
The Crazies
I have been a fan of Tony Leung for years and am happy to see him. This movie looks utterly fantastic and I can never turn away from a movie based on China's Dynasty eras.
Red Cliff
Feature Trailer
This certainly looks action-packed with some decent looking special effects. Granted, the description was god-awful long and the trailer seemed to show a little too much.
Solomon Kane
Hm, I guess I like it then, since I'm a girl. :P
The Princess and the Frog
Feature Trailer
This looks like it will be an engaging film. I've always like Rachel Weisz and though the movie seems to really emphasize human cruelty, it seems there might be some hope as well.
Feature Trailer
Ah, that was a very funny trailer. It looks great and I love the premise of the movie.
The Men Who Stare at Goats
I admit, this trailer has piqued my full interest and I find myself rather intrigued.
I must say, the vision that James Cameron had all those years ago is truly magnificent. How realistic were some of you planning for the Na'vi to look? I think they are very creative and the planet, Pandora that we're given a glimpse into is simply, amazing. It's beautiful and you can tell a lot of love has gone into this movie.
I definitely love the cast they've put together for this film. It looks terrific. Can't wait to see it!
The Wolfman
This looks very promising. It's neat to see Gerard Butler do something different.
Law Abiding Citizen
The visual are rather stunning and the story seems rather complex. This is definitely a movie I would want to watch.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
International Trailer
"I don't believe in God." "That's alright, he doesn't believe in you either." I found that quite amusing.
Red Band Trailer
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