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For the Hawkeye question: general audiences don't know who he is. Lots of people are gonna see him in these trailers and think "Who's this guy?" That's why. He'll have plenty of character in this movie hopefully since he's the most underdevelopped in the series so far. On a second note, this really is starting to look like it will exceed expectations.
The Avengers
Feature Trailer
Holy crap! This looks great! I think the people that say it doesn't aren't familiar with the original book. You realize, this is the story that paved the way for practically all adventure stories we have today? This looks great and like a faithful adaptation. Can't wait!
John Carter
Feature Trailer
Wow... this looks fantastic. I just hope they do it right.
twenty bucks says they also have some sort of organization coming after the both of them in the midst of this. And no matter how predictable it's going to be, it'll still be a lot of fun
This Means War
You know, there aren't that many movies that deal with World War 1 that are that good.... so this could very well be the best World War 1 film ever made.
War Horse
Feature Trailer
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