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Movie master
its that bad of an idea that its been done to bag out actors who have done them before , original idea once with murphy but now its just stupid
Jack and Jill
without nick frost in this movie i would think its a d grade movie , prob still wont be paying to see this one
Attack the Block
Red Band Trailer
wtf was that, umm wont be seeing that one at the cinemas ,
Feature Trailer
What are perfect way to create a real context with a gritty and dark feel to it. I imagine if it gets made WHICH IT BETTER they will put add special effect s like the ones for ninja assassin and prince of persia but who knows.I still think itll be awesome
Mortal Kombat: Rebirth
Short Film
If this movie turns out serious i am going to name this worse than the idea of killer tomatoes.( which turned out funny for 5 seconds before stupidy kicked in)
I realllllly dont know bout this one, i ahve not seen that actor playing a main role before and they are putting everything on him with bruce willis backing him up. This is going for a big swing. Ill just have to wait to see if it s ahit or miss
Cop Out
sorry i dont pay attention to musicals lol lol lol but besides that i found this for a movie an original idea as repo main characters though some parts of the plot are the same eg best friend turned main antagonist. Oh well looks good
Repo Men
Red Band Trailer
I get this was a book series but whats with hollywood releasing same genre type of movies at the same time, first all the robots apocalype sort of movies now greek mythology. Though this movie does look good even though "the chosen one" has been done again.
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
International Trailer
does look like the simple story and they may have given too much away in that trailer, THis might in fact be quite a b grade film. Def not seeing this at the cinemas maybe dvd
Season of the Witch
Gibson still has it this is definately one ill be seeing
Edge of Darkness
i've been really excited about this movie until now cause after the trailer im a nit worried, its certainly got the action stars and ill prob end up seeing it but im really hopeful that its just a crap trailer and not a terrible production
The Expendables
two words kiddy shit
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
i believe nicholas cage is a very good actor, naming a few- next, snake eyes and well wikerman was just a crap remake from a crap movie, I don't think this movie is going to be very good but in still think cage is a good actor
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
Feature Trailer
thanks for putting it on here and can't wait till this comes out as long as it remains as a family movie and not just for kids as some of the new ones have been
Toy Story 3
I only can see one half decent actress in it and Robert Englund isnt in it so i spose when u want to remake a 25 yr old movie into something a bit different, well they made friday the 13th good hopefully they'll hit the spot for this one
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Teaser Trailer
good remake for kids, might see it on dvd
A Christmas Carol
Feature Trailer
this looks mad i cant wait till it comes out
The Book of Eli
Feature Trailer
This movie looks awesome, since it was made by Robert.E.Howard you might as well say this guy is going to be unstoppable and will prob vs the devil but hence saying this movie will be a great action adventure flick
Solomon Kane
ummm from the obvious religous point of view , angels dont control people and start crawling walls, swear and have a massive amount of teeth to kill people , they're more like umm demons? There better be more to it, the actors not bad though
Red Band Trailer
The Halfway House
Trailer B
I thought Will smith would have suited the part better then Denzel, usually Denzel plays a character in the action/thriller movies that are in todays world. Smith has done a few more futuristic movies and obviously the not too long ago I am legend
The Book of Eli
This movie should be good but i do believe the aliens kinda look like the cockroach alien out of mib with a tad more slender and fitter look
District 9
First Look
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