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Unlike some people I like the original version. Giving the time. It did its best with graphics. I will go to see it. Just to see how well they protrayed everything. Far as comparisons to other films like this. I'm going to see Prince of Persia also. I like MOVIES....I'll judge later..
Clash of the Titans
This movie looks so good. My daughter brought it to my attention. I think that this movie will open a lot of eyes.
The Lovely Bones
I can't wait to see Mr. Sexy (Robert Downey Jr.) do some detective work. Lets just say we got a lot of HATERS out there. If its not enjoyable at least I get to see a little body action. Hey...I'm a woman what can I say..
Sherlock Holmes
Any action with Matt Damon in it I'm with it. But it doesn't seem as put together as the bourne movies. But I'm willing to watch and give opinions later.
Green Zone
I hope it does well seem interesting. I hope they stayed as close to the story as possible. A woman trying to help and man not listening. Its usually what happens...
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