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That's because you're an idiot who knows nothing about movies!
I can't be the only one who thinks this movie is a Republican fund raiser.
The Expendables 2
I was WAY off. Even about the gravity of Mars. But I did figure they wouldn't set it there, and still they did, bizarre.
John Carter
This is exactly what I'm talking about, you don't think Battle Royale will compare to *this*!? This is a PG13 movie about kids killing each other, that hasn't even been released yet, and you're SOOO sure that it's going to be better than Battle Royale, a movie that has been out for well over ten years now and retains a *7.9* on the Internet Movie Database. Your speculation is a joke people. Unless you mean that they are not comparable - literally, which - there's a pretty transparent flaw there, in that the premise for both is the same. The problem I have with all of you people is that you speak like you're psychic. I"m going to reserve my judgement, but seeing as how it's PG13, it's hard to imagine it will have the kind of edge a story like this would usually have by default.
The Hunger Games
I'm pretty sure they dropped "of Mars" because they aren't f--king on Mars! First of all, the planet isn't *red*, Mars is freezing, and he's freaking naked, and the gravity is *heavier* (not like the moon). I'm pretty sure if this is Mars the dude should be a basketball playing mountain climber because his abilities would suit those two professions rather well. - Or you know, just a superhero. Look, I know there are aspects of the books here that I'm probably unaware of. But lets face it anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Mars is going to have trouble (possibly) suspending their disbelief if it's set there, (we know about Mars) and it doesn't have to be set there! The aliens in Spielbergs "War of the Worlds" didn't come from there either! So in a way - at this point - if it is set on Mars, that's just silly.
John Carter
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