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Wow. I usually like Tom Hanks and don't hate Julia Roberts but this looks bad. Tom Hanks character reminds me of an only slightly more intelligent Forrest Gump and Miss Roberts is doing an over the top Audrey Hepburn impression in several scenes. Seems like it might be better if you are less intelligent. Maybe I'll like it after a few more blows to the head.
Larry Crowne
I think this makes Garfield seem impressive. Also has anyone seen the pictures of Gargamel, just terrible. dear Hollywood, stop raping my childhood memories.
The Smurfs
Teaser Trailer
Christopher Nolan looks to have done it again. This looks quite amazing.
Featurette - Characters
This just looks awesome to me. It doesn't hurt that I really love all the actors in it. As for Helen Mirren, I totally buy her as a badass. I can't get how this trailer looks bad to anyone. It's the most exciting I've seen outside of Inception.
At first I was excited because they decided to keep the characters and story from the cartoon. But this is just overblown crap and looks like another Speed Racer type disaster instead of Transformers. The C-List cast doesn't help.
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
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