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This is gonna be a FLOP
Man of Steel
Really SUCKS
The Dark Knight Rises
Teaser Trailer
Oh my God, Mark Walbergh looks GREAT, this might be his OSCAR winning role, ALSO Christian Bale's FIRST Attempt in a humour role. Probalbygoing to be his first OSCAR nomination, might be his first Accademy winning role for THE BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR. God i have to see this Film.
The Fighter
This is Great, This trailer is going to be a Trendsetter in Film History. Great Work. Bravo!
Ninja Assassin
Lego Trailer
All Crap is going to happen if PWSA is directing this Chapter. The last movie as brilliant, but for this one from the trailers looked so bleak. It looked so unoriginal, Also what happened to the CLONED ALICES, I was expecting for that shot in the trailers, but may be they discard the whole story set from the last Sequel. Aw waite ALI LARTER is there so it's got some things from the last movie. GOD SAVE US ALL FROM PWSA.
Resident Evil: Afterlife
He should know a term called "SHAME"
Music Video Preview - "Time for Miracles"
FAG singing for 2012, I am going to hate this movie. Adam Lambert got the chance only because Director Roland is G@Y.
Music Video - "Time for Miracles"
This trailer is a MIX of 2012's Original Trailers, who ever made this one forgot to mix the dialogue and sound score in a netural manner. It's so amature, FAN MADE type.
TV Spot - Survive
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EavADujM9M check out this FernGully "I See You" Leona Lewis|Avatar Mix
Music Video - "I See You"
Copy of 1992 Animation classic FERNGULLY-THE LAST RAIN FORREST .
Music Video - "I See You"
The major mistake in my opinion made by Rob zombie is he changed the DOP to a new guy. See the first film was enriched with great visuals and camera work. In this sequel the NEW CAMERAMAN made things worse, changing the looks established from the original movie. Halloween 2 is much like a "DIRECT TO DVD" version kinda look. Camera is TOO FOCUSED, no wide lens, bad CLOSE UPS, it's like made for TV 4:3 FLAT Aspect Ratio.
Halloween II
Theatrical Trailer
Please don't make another "STAR WARS PHANTOM MENANCE". Mr. Cameron you are a Genius, but it's better you go back to your Original roots. Don't be like Geroge "CGI FREAK" Lucas. You are better than him, by watching Trailers I think Avatar is much like PHANTOM MENANCE on STEROIDS. Don't make sequel to Avatar, make Terminator 5 with Bale instead. A request from a TRUE DIE HARD FAN.
Music Video - "I See You"
The music heard in the trailer was not composed by Michael Giacchino. The soundtrack was designed specially for the campaign by an independent company named "Two Steps From Hell" formed by two composers Nick Phoenix and Thomas J. Bergersen. check their official site: http://www.twostepsfromhell.com/index-home.php/
Star Trek
Feature Trailer
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